volume 40, number 5
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald

The New Annual Report System for Merit

By Diane Maleson, Senior Vice President for Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs  

I am writing you to inform you of a TAUP contract requirement that will affect your yearly across the board increases for 2010-2011 and will replace the current University-wide TAUP merit system for this same period.  Under the current TAUP contract, as a TAUP faculty member, you will not be eligible to apply for merit unless you file this report.  In addition, the timely filing of the annual report will affect your across the aboard increase on July 1, 2010 and thereafter. 

The online annual report of faculty activity will be launched on May 24, 2010 via TUportal via the TUapplication box.  Below are the itemized pieces of information you will need in order to access the online report.


TAUP Requirement

In accordance with Article 21, c.5. of the TAUP 2008-2012 contract:


Effective September 2010 and each year thereafter each faculty member shall be expected to submit an annual report to his/her Department Chair by September 1 detailing the faculty member’s activities and achievements at Temple from the previous year.  Each faculty member who submits an annual report using the format as established by the Office of the Provost shall be entitled to receive 0.25% to base salary taken from the across the board increase amount.   A faculty member who fails to submit an annual report shall not be eligible for this 0.25% increase.  The 0.25% increase shall be paid beginning in the September payroll and be retroactive to July 1.


Who is Affected?


All full-time continuing TAUP faculty will be affected by this requirement.  If you are a TAUP faculty member who was here in a full-time capacity in the 2009-2010 academic year, you are eligible for an across the board increase.  You will also use this report to apply for merit for 2010-2011 (for 2009-2010 faculty-based activity).


What is the Importance of the Annual Report of Faculty Activity?


Your across the board increase will be affected by this report.  On July 1, 2010, all continuing full-time TAUP faculty will be allocated 1.75% of an across the board increase.  Simply by submitting your annual report, you will be allocated an additional .25% across the board in the September 2010 pay period.  Eligible continuing full-time faculty who do not submit this report by the deadline will forfeit their .25% to the University merit pool.


Launch and Close Dates?


The Annual Report of Faculty Activity Online system will be available beginning May 24, 2010.  Remember to look for a single sign-on link to the Annual Report of Faculty Activity that will appear in the TUapplication box in TUportal.  You must fill in all of your faculty activity for 2009-2010 by August 31, 2010.  The report will be locked down on September 1st, 2010 and forwarded to your Chair.  You will not be able to access the system after this date. 


How to Access the Annual Report of Faculty Activity?


Beginning May 24, 2010 follow the report link from TUportal and log on using your accessnet name and password details.


Specific Information Regarding Data Entry 


Please remember that you are filling out your activity report for 2010-2011 so you will be adding information for work you did as a faculty member in 2009-2010.  When you first log on via TUportal, you will be immediately directed to your own dashboard. Also note that immediately under the Welcome Banner is a link to an online training module that will help you navigate the system.  Please review each tab carefully and fill out all pertinent information. You will note that on the overview page, we are asking you to fill out a primary research interest text box. You should indicate your research interests/focus here by using key identifiers/words separated by semi-colons or commas. On this same page is a Merit Year Overview textbox.  Please indicate any information here you would like noted in your yearly report.  This is also the place to indicate any information that does not easily fit into one of tabbed sections.  Once you have gone through all of the tabbed sections and inserted your information, please do not forget to upload a word or pdf version of your CV.  You will not be able to submit your report unless this step is taken.      


Who to Call with Questions?


Should you have any questions about the report please feel free to contact us at vpfac@temple.edu or at 1-215-204-3745.  


My best wishes for a fulfilling and productive year.