volume 40, number 5
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Senators Attend! Next Year: Roll Call!

In order for the Senate to do its business and effectively represent the faculty, it is essential that senators attend and participate in the full monthly meetings.

At the recommendation of the Faculty Senate Steering Committee, beginning with the 2010-2011 academic year the Herald will post attendance for each monthly meeting of the Faculty Senate. We hope that senators who anticipate having difficulty  making meetings will ask their colleges to elect replacements for them, or request their assemblies to elect alternate delegates who can act as substitutes, as some colleges currently do, so that each part of the faculty may be adequately represented at each meeting.

The schedule for next year’s meetings is posted at:



The  Herald encourages submission of articles of up to 1500-2000 words on all matters of interest to the Temple faculty.

During the coming year we would particularly like to encourage pieces on the challenges facing universities like ours, and our faculty, in the current economic and political climate. This seems like a good time for reflection. Both school and discipline-specific attempts to address our future will be welcome.

If there are topics you would like to see addressed in the Faculty Herald, please contact the editor at facultyherald@temple.edu with your suggestions. Most of all, please don’t be shy about telling us of your own or a colleague’s suitability to write on particular topics.

2009-2010 Senate Committee Reports

The Herald would like to thank the Faculty Senate committees and their members for their service over the past year.

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New Annual Report System for Merit

By Diane Maleson

"I am writing you to inform you of a TAUP contract requirement that will affect your yearly across the board increases for 2010-2011 and will replace the current University-wide TAUP merit system for this same period."

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