volume 40, number 4
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald


The 20/20 Plan: Beyond the Inquirer

At the Representative Senate meeting on February 16, President Hart spoke at length about the 20/20 Plan. (See the Minutes in this issue.)

   The President explained at the meeting that the publication of details of the plan in an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer was not foreseen or planned by the administration, and that she assented to the interview only after the Inquirer journalist made it clear that an article about the plan would appear. The faculty, she acknowledged, should have had the first look.

   On March 17, a thirty-page version of the Plan appeared on the Temple newsroom site. Therein, the president lays out the goals, principles and vision of the 20/20 framework, as well as some specific proposals on how that vision might take shape. You can find the this document at  www.temple.edu/newsroom/temple_2020.pdf

Senate Discusses Faculty Goverance

At its March 17 meeting, the Representative Senate held an open discussion of issues relating to shared governance. Concerns raised by faculty members included:

  • Revising Collegial Assembly bylaws that were imposed on some schools during the previous administration – especially those that empower deans to run collegial assemblies, or approve bylaw changes.
  • Budgetary decisions that include declining percentages of funds devoted to instruction.
  • More open discussions in collegial assemblies for the purpose of setting agendas.
  • The need for faculty to get more involved in governance in order to have more input. 
  • Perceptions of decline in faculty governance in recent years, and its possible causes
  • The difference between faculty ideas being adopted or embraced, and real shared governance
  • The increasing power exercised by deans

A more complete accounting of the discussion will appear in the meeting minutes in our next issue, after the minutes are approved at the next meeting.

Academic Compass Update

The Academic Compass, the academic strategic plan launched by the Provost's Office last April, has been updated to reflect progress and initiatives for year two. Members of the university community can view the year two executive summary and updates at www.temple.edu/provost/academiccompass, and provide comments and feedback via the Compass suggestion box.


Nominations Sought for Director of General Education

The Provost invites nominations (including self-nominations) for a new director of the General Education program through    April 13. For more information please see the following web site:http://www.temple.edu/provost/GENEDsearch.htm