volume 40, number 4
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From the Editor: The Governance Issue

—David Waldstreicher, Faculty Herald Editor

For more than a year we put questions of governance on hold while we waited for a new contract. Still, why would we want to consider the form and substance of faculty governance at a time of economic crisis?

As a student of political history, I can state that it is precisely in times of economic crisis that the rules of the political game are often reconsidered, with creative and positive consequences. There is something about change that makes us look at our institutions, sometimes with more perspective and wisdom than we can muster at times when things seem more stable.

This issue of the Herald offers ample perspective and, I think, wisdom. We hope it will open up further discussion of how to move into the future while preserving the Temple faculty’s best traditions. We welcome letters in response, which we will post to the Senate listservs as well as publish in our final issue of the academic year.


Letters to the Editor

April 8, 2010Michael Sirover, Professor of Pharmacology, School of Medicine

"I thank Steve very much for his spirited, albeit vituperative, response to my recent letter in the Faculty Herald. I welcome it."

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April 6, 2010Steven Houser, Professor and Chairperson of Physiology, School of Medicine

"I am writing in response to a recent article written by Professor Michael Sirover and published in the Faculty Herald."

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March 24, 2010Orin Chein, Professor of Mathematics, CST

"Thank you for your editorial input in helping me cut the size of my article in half.  However, somehow, in the editorial process, an error has appeared which was not in any of my drafts..."

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Sandy M. Sorkin, Faculty Chair Computer and Information Science Advisory Board

"...[the] desire to become known as a research institution is compromising the mission of undergraduate instruction."

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Steve Zelnick, Professor of English Literature, College of Liberal Arts

"The reports of increases in the numbers of large lecture classes, of increased course loads for tenured and tenure track faculty, and of the increase of adjuncts and decrease of NTT faculty -- all this tells us where we are and what is coming."

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The Faculty Herald remains dedicated to promoting a dialogue with and among the faulty of Temple University and invites readers to write the editor in response to anything in this or a previous issue, or on other topics of interest and import to Temple Faculty. New letters sent to the editor will be published to a prominent place on the Herald’s website (www.temple.edu/herald) within one or two weeks of the editor receiving them and will be included in the next issue of the Herald.

Letters to the editor should be emailed to David Waldstreicher at facultyherald@temple.edu