volume 40, number 3
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President Hart to Address Senate

The President and CFO Tony Wagner will appear at the February 16 Representative Senate Meeting to discuss the Temple 2020 Plan. As always, all faculty are invited and encouraged to attend.

On January 21, President Hart    appeared in a video on Temple’s website introducing the Temple 2020 Plan and describing some of the upcoming changes for the university. Those interested in seeing this video can find it at the link below:


Dysfunctional Rules Task Force...Still Functioning

While the Dysfunctional Rules Inbox has been taken down, the TU Faculty Herald will provide a pathway for the submission of   further nominations of dysfunctional rules. Please send such comments to dwaldstr@temple.edu or facultyherald@temple.edu and the editor will pass them on, anonymously, to Provost Lisa.

~Faculty Herald Staff

The Committee on the Status of Women Conference: ‘The Balancing Act’

"The Faculty Senate Committee on the Status of Women was very pleased with the presentations, turnout and impact of our very first conference last semester.  Three well-attended sessions offered a range of extremely practical career and life balance advice, as well as an unusual opportunity for thought-provoking and often personal conversation with a panel of Temple’s top female leaders."

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Senate Discusses Quality of Life for Faculty

At its January 26 meeting, the Representative Senate held an open discussion of issues relating to the quality of life of the faculty. The issues raised by faculty members included:

  • Tuition remission for children of faculty who are going to universities other than Temple. 
  • Post-retirement medical benefits
  • Climate control in Anderson Hall   
  • Mentorship and orientation for new faculty at the senior as well as junior level, including those coming into leadership positions
  • Benefits for new parents and those with young children, including daycare
  • The need for Temple to be a safe place for dissent.
  • The question of community, or lack thereof, for faculty

A more complete accounting of the discussion will appear in the meeting minutes in our next issue, after the minutes are approved at the Feb. 16 meeting.

The Faculty Senate’s Ad Hoc Faculty Life Committee will begin to meet soon and is seeking feedback on quality of life issues. Please feel free to write to the editor (who is a member of the committee) at facultyherald@temple.edu. Faculty interested in joining the committee should contact Senate Vice-President Paul LaFollette, Paul.LaFollette@temple.edu.

Know Someone Who is Retiring?

In order to recognize and appreciate the work of retiring faculty, the Herald is soliciting commentaries relating to their service at Temple. These accounts will appear in our May issue. Readers who are interested in contributing to this effort should contact the editor at faultyherald@temple.edu.

                      ~Faculty Herald Staff