volume 40, number 1
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald

What do Faculty Really Care About?

—Steve Zelnick, Professor of English Literature, College of Liberal Arts

Steve Zelnick,
Professor of English Literature, College of Liberal Arts

Letter to the Faculty Herald:

Dear David:

As unofficial record keeper of the Herald Board’s minutes, I noted the following set of topics that arose at our last meeting. 

The question was: “What do Faculty really care about?” – a critically important topic for the Herald, and all of us, to consider.

So here, in no particular order of preference, are the topics that surfaced in our discussion:

1. Is the University Honors Program being used to attract high quality students? Is the UHP properly resourced? What has happened to the plans to relocate the UHP to an appropriate site of its own? What is being done to attract faculty participation? What curricular thinking is shaping any plans for developing the UHP? If there is planning, who is involved?

2. In the new contract negotiated by TAUP, there is provision for a true Sabbatical Program (as opposed to a Study Leave Program), something Temple has always lacked. Now that this has been negotiated, what is being done to implement it?

3. What is being done for our undergraduates to help them with career choices in this difficult and worsening employment picture? What counseling does the University provide? What is being done to develop curricular pathways that reflect new fields and occupations? What sorts of data does the University collect to assure us that our degrees lead to the right places for our students?

4. What support does the University offer for students who are not well prepared to succeed in their undergraduate courses? Is Temple experiencing a drop-out problem, and if so, is the cause financial or academic?

5. How can the Faculty Senate be energized, or, is it time to consider a new approach to faculty involvement in the administration of our University?

The Board was interested in hearing Faculty response in the Herald to these items and also the issues we did not mention. In short, “What do Faculty really care about?”


Steve Zelnick

Editorial Board, Faculty Herald

Department of English