volume 39, number 4
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald


Representative Faculty Senate Minutes, February 17, 2009


Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 1:51 PM.

President’s Report: Karen Turner

The meeting is video conferencing at Ambler and Health Sciences. 

Guest:  Tony Wagner, Vice President, CFO, and Treasurer

Wagner discussed the budget process of the University

  • The university is planning to take an approximate 40M reduction in the education and general budget due to an expected decrease in the state appropriation, the decrease in monies from investment, and other costs.  In general, the costs are up and the revenue is down.  The Vice Presidents have targets to reduce their budgets.
  • Temple tuition is relatively cheap, but the Board of Trustees is concerned about a tuition increase.  The Board expects Temple to keep the tuition at as low as possible. The average student debt upon graduation is about $30,000.  He mentioned that it is important to “put the students first”.
  • Art Hochner mentioned that on line, it is stated that the tuition revenues were expected to increase by 10% and that more students than expected enrolled this past year. He asked about the situation with the state subsidy.  Wagner replied that the state has cut its subsidies to Temple, Penn State, Pittsburgh and Lincoln. To maintain our enrollment, Temple has to increase its market share. This past year freshmen enrollment exceeded the expected number of students.  This fall, the expected number will be the same as last year’s actual enrollment. In the past we have had a high number of transfer students.  Due to the economy today, we expect a lower number of transfer students in the fall.
  • Bernie Newman spoke of her concern about possible changes that may be made which will affect the faculty.

Guest:  Provost Lisa

The Provost spoke about the possible changes in where we are going. There will be a 30M cut in the academic portfolio which includes the administrative structure and the Schools and Colleges.  She is taking a 10% cut in the administrative structure so that the Schools and Colleges will not have as much to cut.  She mentioned that there will be reductions, layoffs and consolidations.


  • Each College and School has been given cuts.  The Deans have been asked to provide in house outsourcing, and for excess capacity, outsourcing to other colleges and schools.  The Deans were asked to form a sub committee of volunteers to look for new ideas.  Some of the results include the following:
  There may be some type of consolidation between Engineering and CST.  SSA may be realigned with another college (possibly Education or the College of Health Professions).  The Ambler Campus may have to have the departments realigned into other schools and colleges.  The Fort Washington Campus would be incorporated into the Ambler campus with a new focus on adult and non-traditional learners. A commitment to The Arboretum will continue. The Provost would like to begin to implement alternative strategies in housing for students now living on the Ambler Campus.


  • Lois Millner wanted to know how reorganization of SSA would strengthen the School.  The Provost replied that in another college, the program would be designated as the School of Social Administration in the College of Education or the College of Health Professions.  A PhD program in Social Administration could also be formed.  All this would enable the school to retain its prominence.


  • Meetings will be set up to determine process and strategy for any and all changes.
  • Karen Turner asked how the changes affect the Strategic Plan and what the cost savings are. The Provost replied that if the cost savings are not adequate, the colleges will have to take more cuts.  She added that there is a need to retrain people who need jobs and a need to give the non-traditional students an opportunity to succeed.  TUCC, Ambler and Harrisburg must be utilized.


  • Art Hochner handed out copies of the 2009 fiscal year budget with a comparison to the 2008 budget. and asked about the figures on the sheet.  The Provost replied that some of the costs were moved to her portfolio and that she hasn’t seen the information on the sheet.  Art would like to have more information and would like to know from where the cuts are coming.  The Provost said that she would pass the questions to Tony Wagner.


President’s Report (continued):

  • The minutes of 1-26-09 were read and amended.


  • The Steering Committee has met with Provost Lisa about some of the issues discussed today.


  • We need volunteers for the Committee on Faculty Life.


  • All the Steering Committees are on the Senate website.  You can listen to today’s HERE.
  • The Board of Trustees meeting is on March 10 at 3:30 PM. If you want to attend the meeting, send an email to senate2@temple.edu.  If you attend, you will be introduced to the Board and can listen to the proceedings.


Vice President’s Report: Paul LaFollette

  • LaFollette has received gratifying response about the Committee on Faculty Life, but fewer responses on the Student- Senate Liaison Committee.


  • All Committee Chairs have been notified to send in lists of all impending openings on their respective committees.  Most important are the officers of the committees and elected committees.


Old Business: None


New Business:

  • Joyce Lindorf, Vice President of TAUP, mentioned that the TAUP made an overture to the Administration to collaborate with the TAUP and the Senate to go to Harrisburg as a unified group to participate on discussions on money bills.


  • Lindorf also mentioned that David Horowitz, who has been attacking some fine professors on campus, has published a book which includes a chapter on Temple, “Temple of Conformity”.  She is working on a collaborative statement of support for these professors.


Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 3:13 PM.


Bonnie Averbach, Secretary