volume 39, number 3
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald

Letters to the Editor

Laurence Steinberg, Laura H. Carnell Professor of Psychology

Laurence Steinberg,
Laura H. Carnell Professor of Psychology

February 04, 2009

To the Editor:   

If there were ever any doubts about TAUP's true colors, the union's most recent proposal of a flat salary increase of $2,100 for all faculty members (rather than a proportional one) clarifies things all too well. The chief beneficiaries of this proposal are the NTT faculty and the tenure-track faculty who haven't received much in the way of merit over the years, largely because their scholarly activity has been moribund. (One wonders whether these two groups, who would profit most from the new proposal, are disproportionately represented among those running TAUP’s show.)  In contrast, the average full Professor at Temple would have been better off with the administration's November proposal than with TAUP's most recent one, as would most Associate Professors and Assistant Professors with above-average salaries.  The entire world knew in November that the American economy was tanking, and it was easily foreseen that the administration’s proposals were only going to become less generous over time, as the seriousness of Pennsylvania’s budget crisis would become more and more apparent.  

Any research-active tenure-track faculty member who continues to believe that TAUP represents our interests is being foolish.  And any member of this group who actually pays TAUP for its representation ought to reconsider.  At the very least, perhaps you can do your colleagues a favor and elect a different, and more competent, slate of officers. 

Laurence Steinberg

Distinguished University Professor

Laura H. Carnell Professor of Psychology