volume 39, number 2
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald


Aaron Sullivan,

Assistant Editor

The Voyages of Project Enterprise

Aaron Sullivan, Assistant Editor

As part of an on going effort to bring technology-related topics into the Faculty Herald, this issue explores Project Enterprise, a major initiative aimed at replacing and   integrating the University’s databases and information systems. The Herald spoke with Barbara Dolhansky, the Project Director, and Tim O’Rourke, Vice President of Computer and Financial Services & CIO, to learn more about the project.

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David Post

I. Herman Stern Professor of Law, Beasley School of Law

Coming in the Next Issue...

Law professor David Post's new book, In Search of Jefferson's Moose, is a natural history of cyberspace and an homage to Thomas Jefferson. In the next issue we speak with him about copyright, music, physical anthropology, blogging and what's different about books.