volume 39, number 2
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald


Letters, We Post Letters


One goal of the Faculty Herald is to facilitate communication among members of the Temple faculty. That communication primarily takes the shapes of published letters to the editor. Unfortunately, the publication schedule of the Herald (5 issues each academic year, published every one or two months) makes a sustained conversation difficult. Beginning with this issue, the Faculty Herald will compensate for this problem by taking advantage of its online resources. New letters sent to the editor will now be published to a prominent place on the Herald’s website (www.temple.edu/herald) within one or two weeks of the editor receiving them. Announcements of new letters will periodically follow by email via the Faculty Senate Listserve. The Herald welcomes responses to this issue and to the letters contained within, and encourages interested faculty to use the Faculty Herald website as a venue for public, inter-faculty discussion.

Did you know that during the Liacouras years Temple ran a day care center for staff and faculty and made plans to construct housing as part of an initiative to bring more faculty closer to campus? If you did know this, we are interested in hearing what you know. We are researching a history of this initiative for publication in the Herald. Please contact the editor at facultyherald@temple.edu.