volume 39, number 1
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald

Looking Back...and Forward

—Robert Aiken, Professor of Computer and Information Sciences

Robert Aiken,
Professor of Computer and Information Sciences

Outgoing President of the Faculty Senate Robert Aiken offered these parting thoughts at the Faculty Senate meeting of May 7th:


A major goal I had set was to strengthen the ties between the Faculty Senate and Administration.  I think we have achieved that.  This administration has frequently enunciated the concept of “shared governance”.  In my view they have delivered — and so have we.  Ample evidence has been shared with this body with the discussion of a number of shared initiatives and the   accomplishments we have achieved:


• The Academic Strategic Plan

-     Ten faculty on Steering Committee.

-     110/179 faculty on work groups


• The revised Student Feedback Forms


• Re-working Policies and Procedures to make them user-friendly


• Four Dean searches (TUJ, Law, Dentistry, SSA + Advisory      Committee for Senior Vice President for Academic Development & Affairs)


The Provost has implemented new classifications and titles for our non-tenure-track colleagues and attended every Senate meeting when in town. The President has continued her hosting in her home of monthly informal gatherings of faculty. The Chair of Temple’s Board of Trustees spoke at our meeting today. We have had the pleasure of welcoming a number of key administrators and learned more about what they do and how we can work together.

Our colleagues have continued to contribute innumerable hours of service. There are now more than twenty-five Senate committees with more than 200 members. We also passed a critical motion that allows our Non-tenure track colleagues to become University Faculty Senators and serve on a number of key committees.

The bottom line is that we have continued to build a solid working relationship with the Administration based on mutual respect and trust. I    believe we will continue to build on this foundation … and your incoming officers led by Karen Turner will accomplish even more…but that will only be possible with your continued support and commitment!

I want to thank all of you for the support you have provided to me over the past nine months. The opportunity to meet many colleagues for the first time and to renew a number of previous acquaintances has been the best part of this job.  I can’t tell you how proud I am to be a Professor at Temple and to have had the honor and privilege to be your Faculty Senate President this past year.