volume 38, number 5
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald


From the Editor

—Lewis R. Gordon, Faculty Herald Editor

We have now come to the final issue of The Temple Faculty Herald under my editorship.  My research assistant, Ms. Joan Jasak, and I are fortunate to have achieved our goals for the publication.


Those goals included transforming the paper into a forum for discussion of issues of interest to the faculty and increasing the paper’s readership.  To those ends, we developed the current format of a mixture of investigative reporting, profiles of faculty and other university professionals, and the traditional service of printing the minutes from the meetings of the Faculty Senate.


The growth of the Herald’s readership has exceeded our expectations. Faculty and other education professionals now read it from universities and education policy centers across the globe.


This issue includes our introduction of David Waldstreicher, whom I am happy to announce is the new editor of The Temple Faculty Herald.  It also includes a discussion of the external evaluation initiatives of the various schools at the university and an article submitted by Richard Chalfen and Lindsey Powell, who taught in the Temple campus in Tokyo.  They were delighted to see our discussions of international programs in the previous issue and offered this revised article on their work there.


We have received many kind letters of praise for our efforts, and we have also received important criticisms for which we are grateful.  You, our readers, have helped us much by letting us both know what we were doing right and what we needed to improve.   


Finally, I would like to thank Carolyn Adams for the support she gave as Acting Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Phil Fizur and Marc Getty for their technical support, Frank Friedman for his astute leadership and the rest of the Editorial Board for their many constructive suggestions and criticisms, Jane Gordon for her proofreading and discussions of each issue, and Joan Jasak for the brilliant work she has done in designing the new Faculty Herald, her extraordinary series of photographs over the past year, and her acumen as we worked together.

Letters to the Editor

Maurice Wright, Boyer College of Music and Dance

I write to thank you for printing articles and correspondence regarding the university’s refusal of a gift to endow a chair in Islamic studies. I was first puzzled and then disturbed by Professor Sloan’s letter criticizing the Herald’s coverage....

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Edward Newman, School of Social Administration, Saul Axelrod, College of Education, & Marsha Zibalese-Crawford, School of Social Administration

Over the last year faculty union officials and some faculty members themselves have written letters to the Faculty Herald defending academic freedom, circulated a petition claiming that a retiring professor’s credibility was undermined by non-faculty influences, and that anti-Islamic influences were somehow responsible for all of this....

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