volume 44, number 5
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald


An Interview with The Hon. Theodore McKee, Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee of The Board of Trustees

By Steve Newman, Editor

One of the things I would like to do that I have not yet done that I think would be helpful is to try and ensure that there is a dialogue between faculty and deans and the board. There’s this gulf, and all the years I’ve been on the board, and that’s in excess of ten, that gulf has always been there.
- The Hon. Theodore McKee

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The Complex Relationship Between Temple and The Surrounding Community:
An Interview with Ken Scott, President of Beech Interplex

By Steve Newman, Editor


The new Community Affairs office came over one day and she said, “Here’s the new Temple neighborhood plan.” And I told her, “That’s going to go over like a lead balloon. I’m telling you right now.”.... That sends a bad message right off the bat, a big book in Temple colors with a title like, ‘Temple’s Plan for North Central Philadelphia.’” You do that in partnership. You don’t tell us, “Here’s our plan for you.” I did warn them that there was going to be trouble, and I was correct.'" - Ken Scott, President of Beech Interplex


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Three Senior Scholars of Color Discuss Their Research and Diversity at Temple

By Elizabeth L. Sweet, Geography and Urban Studies, College of Liberal Arts;
Karen M. Turner, Journalism, School of Media and Communication;
Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon, Theater, Film and Media Arts, Center for the Arts

"Listening to the three seasoned senior scholars talking about the breadth of their experiences in the academy has helped focus attention to the rich legacy of African Americans on Temple’s campus. The other element that has to be part of the discussion as we move forward has to be the community."

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IRB: A Necessary Good

By Mike Jacobs, Professor of Pharmaceutical Studies

"One thing I have learned in my years of service on the Temple University IRB is that adherence to the institution’s policies and procedures and federal regulations as they relate to human subject research are essential. I have also learned that everyone has a stake in creating a culture of research compliance, even if they are not directly involved in human subject research."

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Steve Newman,



A New Editor for The Faculty Herald and a Grateful Farewell

For Lewis Katz
Honoring Our Retirees
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