Pre-Med Health Scholar Program


Temple's Pre-Med Health Scholar Program allows students the chance to excel in the competitive, changing field of health care. The program is designed for high-achieving students who have distinguished themselves with impressive high school academic records and a demonstrated interest in the field of medicine.

Application Process

Pre-Med Health Scholars must apply during their senior year of high school. To apply, applicants must submit an on-line application to Temple University for Undergraduate Admission first and then submit an application to the Pre-Med Health Scholar Program. In order to be considered for a Health Scholar interview in February, 2015, you must have already been accepted to Temple University. Pre-Med Health Scholar applications are available online by using the link below.

Temple University Undergraduate Admission


Pre-Med Health Scholar Program (APPLY NOW)

Remember, in order to qualify, students must be accepted to Temple University and to the Honors program before the Pre-Med Health Scholar interview consideration.

Pre-Med Health Scholar Selection Requirements

  • Four years of high school math and science
  • High School GPA of 3.8 or higher
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Demonstrated commitment to service/volunteer activities

Provisional Acceptance

The Pre-Med Health Scholar program allows consideration for (BA/MD) Provisional Acceptance to Temple University School of Medicine on a standard (4+4) track or an accelerated (3+4) option. For admission to Temple University School of Medicine, Health Scholars must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Course credits as detailed under the agreement
  • A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.5
  • A cumulative undergraduate science GPA of 3.5
  • MCAT score of a 30 with no section less than a 9
  • Volunteer exposure to the health care professions, community service, and research
  • No more than one undergraduate of a C and no failed (D or F) or withdrawn courses (W)

Accelerated 3+4 Selection Requirements

  • Must be accepted as a Pre-Med Health Scholar
  • 3+4 Application submitted during first semester at Temple University
  • Final decision made after review of first semester grades

Pre-Med Health Scholar Data

Statistics vary per year and there is no set number of seats to be filled. Data on last year's application process are listed below as an example:

Pre-Med Health Scholar Applicants for
the Entering Undergraduate Class of 2013

  • 72 Total Applications
  • 28 (39%) invited to interview
  • 11 (15%) accepted as Health Scholars

Applicant Academic Profiles for 2013

Total Applicants (n = 72)

  • Average SAT Reading: 661
  • Average SAT Math: 722
  • Average SAT Combined: 1383
  • Average GPA: 3.8

Accepted Health Scholars (n = 11)

  • Average SAT Reading: 697
  • Average SAT Math: 754
  • Average SAT Combined: 1451
  • Average GPA: 3.95

*There were not a significant number of students who applied with ACT scores to report an average

Applicant Academic Profiles for 2014

Total Applicants (n = 77)

  • Average SAT Reading: 690
  • Average SAT Math: 750
  • Average SAT Combined: 1420
  • Average ACT: 32
  • Average GPA: 3.92

Accepted Health Scholars (n = 10)

  • Average SAT Reading: 710
  • Average SAT Math: 760
  • Average SAT Combined: 1470
  • Average ACT: 32
  • Average GPA: 3.99

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