Pre-Med Health Scholar Program at Temple


Temple University's Pre-Med Health Scholar Program allows students the chance to excel in the competitive, changing field of health care. The program is designed for high-achieving students who have distinguished themselves with impressive high school academic records and a demonstrated interest in the field of medicine.

Application Process

Applicants to the Pre-Med Health Scholar Program must apply during their senior year of high school. To apply, interested students must first submit an application to Temple University for undergraduate admission and then submit an application to the Pre-Med Health Scholar Program. Apply early. In order to be considered for a Health Scholar interview in February, 2017, you must have already been accepted to Temple University and to Temple's Honors Program. There is no separate application for the Honors Program. Students are automatically considered for the honors program at their time of submitting an undergraduate application to Temple University.

Access the Undergraduate Admissions website to view more information on applying to Temple University:

Temple University Undergraduate Admission

Pre-Med Health Scholar Application (Deadline: December 16th, 2016)

Pre-Med Health Scholar Program

Remember, in order to qualify, students must be accepted to Temple University and to the Honors Program before the Pre-Med Health Scholar interview consideration.

Pre-Med Health Scholar Selection Requirements

  • Four years of high school math and science
  • Unweighted (4.0 scale) High School GPA of 3.8 or higher
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Volunteer exposure in health care settings
  • Demonstrated commitment to service/volunteer activities

Provisional Acceptance

The Pre-Med Health Scholar program allows for provisional acceptance to Temple University School of Medicine on a standard (4+4) track. Accepted scholars have the option to request consideration for an accelerated (3+4) track during their first semester at Temple University. For admission to Temple University School of Medicine, Health Scholars must meet the following minimum requirements by January of their Junior year of college:

  • Course credits as detailed under the agreement
  • A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.5
  • A cumulative undergraduate science GPA of 3.5
  • MCAT composite of at least 75th percentile with no section less than 60th percentile
  • Volunteer exposure to the health care professions, community service, and research

Accelerated 3+4 Selection Requirements

  • Must be accepted as a Pre-Med Health Scholar
  • 3+4 Application submitted during first semester at Temple University
  • Final decision made after review of first semester grades

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Med Health Scholar FAQs

Do you prefer in-state applicants?

We have no preference for in or out-of-state applicants. Past scholars have come to us from all over the United States.

Do I need to be a US citizen?

Health Scholars must be US citizens in order to apply. We are happy, however, to work with international students in regards to our standard pre-med track.

What if I'm not accepted to the Pre-Med Health Scholar Program?

The Pre-Med Health Scholar Program is a very small population of students compared to our traditional pre-med track. Students who are not accepted as health scholars are still welcome to come to Temple University and work closely with us by following a pre-med track. These students will not be eligible to apply as accelerated or early-assurance candidates as these are specific to the Pre-Med Health Scholar Program. Otherwise, we work with thousands of pre-med students who are still successfully entering medical school.

What kinds of letters of recommendation should be sent for the program?

As listed on the application, applicants should provide three letters of recommendation—one from a science teacher, one from a teacher in any subject, and one from an area of health-related shadowing or volunteering. Any additional letters beyond these three will not be considered. The letters provided should also not be from family members.

Is there a specific hour requirement for health-related activities?

We require that students have demonstrated experience shadowing or volunteering in a health-related setting. This is an important way to show that each student understands that medicine is the right field for them. We do not require a specific number of hours, but instead look at the quality of the experiences that each student brings.

How will I know if all of my materials have been received?

It is each student's responsibility to track what documents are still needed for their completed health scholar application. Students who have applied before the deadline, however, will receive periodic email updates as the application deadline approaches to notify students of what files are still missing. All correspondence will be through the student's email address provided on the health scholar application.

Do I need to apply Early Action in order to be considered as a health scholar?

No – students are encouraged to apply to Temple's undergraduate application as early as they can, but it is not required that they submit an ‘Early Action' application.

Do I need to be accepted by Temple University before applying to the Pre-Med Health Scholar Program?

No - we encourage students to apply to the undergraduate application first so that there is time for admissions to process their information. Students must be accepted to the university before being invited to interview. If students apply to the undergraduate admissions process on or around the Health Scholar deadline, they run the risk of our office being unable to fully review and consider them for an interview. For this reason, it is in applicants' best interest to apply as soon as they are able. There is, however, no reason to delay submitting a Health Scholar application if you have not yet heard back regarding your undergraduate application.

Is this automatically a 3+4 accelerated program?

No – all accepted Pre-Med Health Scholars are, by default, put on a 4+4 academic plan with the option to show their interest in an accelerated track during their first semester freshman year. We give scholars their first semester so that they can consider whether accelerating to medical school is the best option for them. Some of college's best experiences are most easily accomplished in four years over three (studying abroad, additional research, earning a minor). Health scholars must show interest in the 3+4 option by the end of their first semester. If they should change their mind, students are always welcome to switch back to a 4+4 track.

Does this program guarantee entry to Temple University Lewis Katz School of Medicine (LKSOM)?

The Pre-Med Health Scholar Program provides provisional, not guaranteed, acceptance to LKSOM. Accepted health scholars must still maintain their academic profile, take the MCAT exam, and submit a special application to the medical school during their Junior year of college. Students must have a 3.5 GPA (overall and math/science) at their time of presentation and score 75th percentile overall on the MCAT with no specific section less than a 60th percentile.

What are the advantages to being a health scholar?

Our health scholar students are specially presented to Temple University Lewis Katz School of Medicine in a cohort all of their own. Pre-med health scholars are also under specific linkage guidelines that, if met, provide provisional acceptance to LKSOM. This small group of students will also take part in a special freshman seminar in their first fall semester to provide extra exposure to the health science campus as well as additional details and support towards their future application.

Can I have my interview on a different day?

We only have one interview day for all of our health scholar students. This day is specially planned with personnel from both our main and health science campuses as well as a special visit to the medical school. This day can therefore not be made up by individual students at a different time. If you are unable to attend the interview, you will no longer be considered for the Pre-Med Health Scholar Program.

I didn't know this program existed but would like to apply late. Is that possible?

We will not accept late applications for the Pre-Med Health Scholars Program. This program, however, is a very small proportion of our overall pre-med population and we would be happy to work with you as a traditional pre-med student.

How do I apply to the Honors Program?

All incoming students are automatically considered for the honors program when they submit their undergraduate application. Students must be accepted to honors in order to be considered for the Pre-Med Health Scholar Program. More information about honors can be found on their website:

How many seats are available for the program?

There is no specific seat number. Each year is a little bit different as can be seen by the statistics of accepted students found below. We are more concerned with the strength of each student's application to the program as well as their performance on interview day.

What major should I choose on the undergraduate application?

Pre-med is not a major at Temple University but a track that you will be following. Our pre-med students have a wide range of academic majors from across multiple disciplines. There is no place on the undergraduate application to list your interest in the Pre-Med Health Scholar Program—you are showing us this interest by submitting the separate health scholar application found on our website. If a student is interested in the accelerated 3+4 option, a major in the College of Science and Technology (CST) will be required. Common choices for this are either Biology or Chemistry. We have had several students in past years, however, who have completed the 4+4 option with majors outside of CST like Psychology or Sociology. Choose a major that best fits your interests and strengths.

Are there any special scholarships available to students accepted as health scholars?

While there is no scholarship specifically tied to the health scholar program, all of our recent students—due to their strong academic and standardized test scores—have qualified for a variety of aid. The admissions office can provide more information on the types of aid available to incoming students:

How do I learn more about the Pre-Med Health Scholar Program?

All information about the health scholar program can be found on this webpage. Our interview day will also provide special information sessions with tours of both the honors department, Temple's main campus, and the medical school. We also encourage students to take in part in Temple's Fall Open Houses and Experience Temple Days. More information about these opportunities can be found on the admissions webpage:

If you have any additional questions not found here, feel free to reach out to us directly.

Pre-Med Health Scholar Data

Statistics vary per year and there is no set number of seats to be filled. Data on previous entering classes are listed below as an example:

Applicant Academic Profiles for 2016

  • 177 Total Applications
  • 32 (18%) invited to interview
  • 10 (5.6%) accepted as Health Scholars

Total Applicants (n = 177)

  • Average SAT Reading: 700
  • Average SAT Math: 750
  • Average SAT Combined: 1450
  • Average ACT: 33
  • Average GPA: 3.94

Accepted Health Scholars (n = 10)

  • Average SAT Reading: 760
  • Average SAT Math: 750
  • Average SAT Combined: 1510
  • Average ACT: 34
  • Average GPA: 3.99

Applicant Academic Profiles for 2015

  • 127 Total Applications
  • 36 (28%) invited to interview
  • 15 (12%) accepted as Health Scholars

Total Applicants (n = 127)

  • Average SAT Reading: 700
  • Average SAT Math: 750
  • Average SAT Combined: 1450
  • Average ACT: 32
  • Average GPA: 3.90

Accepted Health Scholars (n = 15)

  • Average SAT Reading: 740
  • Average SAT Math: 750
  • Average SAT Combined: 1490
  • Average ACT: 34
  • Average GPA: 4.00

Applicant Academic Profiles for 2014

  • 77 Total Applications
  • 22 (29%) invited to interview
  • 10 (13%) accepted as Health Scholars

Total Applicants (n = 77)

  • Average SAT Reading: 690
  • Average SAT Math: 750
  • Average SAT Combined: 1420
  • Average ACT: 32
  • Average GPA: 3.92

Accepted Health Scholars (n = 10)

  • Average SAT Reading: 710
  • Average SAT Math: 760
  • Average SAT Combined: 1470
  • Average ACT: 32
  • Average GPA: 3.99

Applicant Academic Profiles for 2013

Medical School Placement Update: 100% of qualified candidates accepted to Temple University Lewis Katz School of Medicine (LKSOM)

  • 72 Total Applications
  • 28 (39%) invited to interview
  • 11 (15%) accepted as Health Scholars

Total Applicants (n = 72)

  • Average SAT Reading: 661
  • Average SAT Math: 722
  • Average SAT Combined: 1383
  • Average GPA: 3.8

Accepted Health Scholars (n = 11)

  • Average SAT Reading: 697
  • Average SAT Math: 754
  • Average SAT Combined: 1451
  • Average GPA: 3.95

*There were not a significant number of students who applied with ACT scores to report an average

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