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HBRC Smoking Clinic (215 - 204 - 6598)

asshtray The Smoking Clinic in the HBRC is dedicated to offering state-of-the-art quit smoking and relapse prevention treatments. We are especially interested in providing access to underserved individuals and people who have high risk for smoking-related illnesses, such as asthma and cancer.  Go to this link for directions.

Our Current Smoking Treatments

Philadelphia FRESH:  (215) 204-6598

Fresh This treatment study is for maternal (female) smokers with young children.  The main goal of treatment is to protect children from exposure to second-hand smoke.  However, we help any mother who is interested in quitting smoking. 

Quit 4 Good:  (215) 204-6251

q4g Men and women who are ready to quit smoking and who want to stay quit for good – this treatment is for you!  Participants receive study medication and nicotine gum to help them become ex-smokers. 

Prenatal and Postpartum Smoking Relapse:  (215) 204-5629

This is a brief health education treatment study for pregnant smokers and recent quitters.  Currently, participation is limited to mothers who plan to have their babies delivered at Temple Children’s Hospital. 

Call (215)204-5629, or email Katie Isselmann MPH for more information.

Other HBRC Affiliated Treatments:

Skin Savvy Study:  A Skin Cancer Prevention Intervention:

This intervention study targets teens and young adults and is testing different strategies for promoting skin protection to prevent skin cancer in high risk groups.  Participants are compensated for their time in completing surveys to assess treatment effectiveness.

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