Course Descriptions for The Certificate of Learning and Leadership in Urban Education

Urban Education

5401. Introduction to Urban Schools (3 s.h.)
This course explores major issues in urban education and the programs and practices that address them. Topics include effective policies and practices for urban schools, such as parent and community involvement, school violence, and small learning communities. Offered every term, including summer.

5501. Urban Schools (3 s.h.)
This course is designed to help students understand the social, political, and economic factors that shape urban schools. The focus is on both perennial and emerging issues affecting the urban environment and schools and on major policies relating to those issues (e.g., equity, accountability, and school finance). The class requires several critiques of educational literature, as well as an extensive review of the literature on a substantive topic related to urban education. Offered every Fall term.

5063. Education Reform (3 s.h.)
This course identifies current education reform interventions that are provoking change. Additionally, the federal legislation targeting school reform and the implementation of federal programs locally, as well as the politics of federalism in education, are examined.

5516. School-Community Partnerships in Urban Settings (3 s.h.)
This course introduces models, practices, and theories for developing partnerships between schools, universities, community-based groups/agencies, and neighborhoods. Among the models studied are various types of partnerships, community organizations, family centers, and community schools. The course emphasizes the manifold issues that emerge when partnerships involve participants who cross the boundaries of class, race, gender, professions, culture, and language. Field visits and fieldwork are included. Offered Spring term.