Program Requirements

Foundation Phase
(30 credits)

  • Social Welfare Policy & Services I
  • Social Welfare Policy & Services II
  • Human Behavior in the Social Environment I
  • Human Behavior in the Social Environment II
  • Social Service Delivery Practice I
  • Social Service Delivery Practice II
  • Social Research I
  • Social Research II
  • Field Practicum I
  • Field Practicum II

Advanced Concentration Phase
(30 credits)

Social Work

  • Clinical Practice with Individuals, Families and Small Groups
  • Management and Planning


  • Children ,Youth & Families
  • Health / Mental Health

Students with field practice interest not reflected by the two specializations may develop, with the assistance of an advisor, an individual specialization.

Field Work Practicum

The Field Work Practicum is a core component of the curriculum. Fieldwork is normally completed in the student's own agency. The School's representative maintains a liaison relationship with the agency relationships and facilitating the student's learning. If a student is not employed in a human service agency then the field staff assists the student in locating an appropriate site for the field experience.

The Regular Program

The Harrisburg-based MSW program is a rigorous program designed to prepare persons for advanced levels of professional responsibility and autonomy in the practice of social work. Classes are held in the evening and on weekends. The program places major emphasis on teaching practice methods with individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations that affirm peopleĀ“s strengths, value their diversity, and help them take charge of their lives and collectively meet their common human needs.

Except for those admitted with Advanced Standing, all entering MSW students follow a foundation curriculum in the direct practice of social work. After completion of the foundation courses in social welfare policy, human behavior, research methods, practice and field, the students are required to select an advanced concentration and a specialization in a field of practice.