Transportation Planning Certificate

This graduate certificate will introduce the broad range of issues and topics relevant to transportation planning and the specific relationships between transportation planning and land use planning. Through elective courses, the certificate also will provide the opportunity for students to deepen knowledge and training in specific areas of transportation planning.

The Transportation Planning Certificate program will develop: 1) knowledge of the key contemporary transportation and travel behavior challenges facing transportation planners and engineers; 2) critical thinking skills to address these challenges and analyze important debates in the field; and 3) familiarity with and basic competence in transportation planning methodologies.

This certificate meets the needs of public and private agency employees who work in the field of transportation planning without academic degrees in transportation planning or transportation engineering.

This certificate is open to both matriculated and Non-degree seeking (non-matriculated) graduate students.

Non-degree seeking (non-matriculated) students register by submitting a standard form along with a copy of their undergraduate or graduate transcript indicating degree awarded. Students can take up to nine credits as Non-degree seeking (non-matriculated) students. When they complete these nine credits, they will have to declare their intention to complete the Transportation Planning Certificate by filling out the Graduate School form “Request to Exceed Nine Semester Hours of Graduate Coursework for Personal or Professional Enrichment.”

Other matriculated Temple University graduate students may take certificate classes as electives for their program with the approval of their program advisor. Note: Matriculated students in the M.S. in Community and Regional Planning program may elect to take these courses as a transcripted concentration within the M.S. degree.

The certificate is available at the both the Ambler and Harrisburg campuses.

The Transportation Planning Certificate requires four courses, a total of 12 credits:
One required course (3 credits)
CRP 8655 Transportation Planning

Select three of the following(9 credits):
CRP 8276 Regional Development
CRP 8656 Integrated Transportation and Land Use Planning: Context-Sensitive Design Solutions
CRP 8657 Non-motorized Transportation Planning
CRP 8666 Travel Demand Modeling
One other relevant graduate course in consultation with Community and Regional Planning faculty advisor (3 credits)

Assistant Professor, Community and Regional Planning