Graduate Certificate in Play Therapy

Graduate Certificate in Play Therapy curriculum:

This Graduate Certificate in Play Therapy is grounded in the mission of the University and TUH. It is an opportunity to bring forward creative ideas to further both missions. The conceptual framework of this program is based upon theory and research that supports a developmental systemic approach to facilitate growth and well being of clients. In addition the program is designed to ensure that students practice within the bounds of professional and ethical competencies so that practice is empirically informed and consistent with current practice knowledge within the behavioral health professions and the specialized area of practice of play therapy. Therefore the curriculum is designed to further hone specific knowledge and skill sets play therapists need to practice in a competent, collaborative and societal transformative manner.

The 15 credit curriculum is the result of an extensive review of established play therapy certificate programs across the country, advice from the TUH play therapy advisory committee (many members of whom sit on the Pennsylvania Association for Play Therapy Board), and utilization of the APT program credentialing guidelines.

The program composition offers a comprehensive sequence of 5 courses in play therapy that build upon one another in a coherent fashion to comprise a total of 15 credit hours. This curriculum will provide students with instruction in history, theories and applications of play therapy consistent with APT requirements for instruction in these areas and as such will fulfill the 150 hour educational requirement. Students begin with an introductory course in Play Therapy in the fall, then take one course each semester, fall and spring for the next two academic years.

Sequence of coursework:

Fall (year 1)
Introduction to Play Therapy=3 credit

Spring (Year 1)
Play Therapy Techniques =3 credit

Summer (Year 1)
Play Therapy Applications for Special Populations=3 credit

Fall (Year 2)
Special Topics in Play Therapy Practice=3 credit

Spring (Year 2)
Advanced Play Therapy Practice and Seminar=3 credit