Educational Leadership at Temple

Principal Certification Program at Temple

Temple's Principal Certification Program prepares individuals to serve as principals and assistant principals, provides insight into the purposes and processes of schools, as well as the expertise necessary to lead and administer a school community.

Approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, this program meets state educational requirements for certification as a principal.

Students who successfully complete all program requirements will, at the same time, satisfy the academic requirements for an administrative certificate in Pennsylvania.

Students who successfully complete all requirements for the program at Temple, and successfully passed the School Leaders Licensure Assessment Praxis test, he/she will have satisfied the academic requirements for a Principal Certificate in Pennsylvania. Temple University will endorse the successful candidate for certification.

Students who complete the program will be certified to serve as a school principal (K-12). To be eligible for a principal’s certificate, one must first be certified as a professional educator, and acquire (5) five years of satisfactory experience.

Course requirements for the Principal Certification can be completed fully online or in a blended format including online and campus-based courses.

Program Requirements:

Specific Program Requirements include:

  • EA 5300 Introduction to Issues in School Leadership - Offered online
  • EA 5301 Leadership for Learning - Offered online
  • EA 5302 Context for School Reform Education Law, Policy and Politics - Offered online
  • EA 5303 Leadership and Supervision for Diverse Contexts: Principals for Ensuring Inclusive, Equitable Learning - Offered online and on-campus
  • EA 5304 School Operations: Finance, Management, Technology, and Communication - Offered online
  • EA 5305 Knowledge Use for School Improvement: How to Access, Interpret, and Apply Data - Offered online
  • EA 5306 Change Leadership -Offered online
  • EA 5307 Clinical Experience in School Leadership 1 (field experience) - Offered online
  • EA 5308 Clinical Experience in School Leadership 2 (field experience) - Offered online

Candidates must complete a field experience as part of the program. Candidates must receive a satisfactory evaluation from the supervisor or administrator most familiar with performance demonstrated during the field experience.

Five years of satisfactory professional experience (under proper certification) must be completed in teaching, as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Students must pass the PRAXIS test. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule him / herself for this test and arrange to have the results reported to Temple and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Admission Requirements:

The criteria for admission to the Principal Certification program include:

  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a minimum grade point average of 3.0.
  • A Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate.
  • Master’s degree (or Master’s equivalency) from an accredited institution.
  • A satisfactory recommendation on a Temple University form from the applicant’s immediate superior (administrator or supervisor).

The applicant shall secure, complete, and send in the following to the address listed below:

Once we receive your online application, instructions will be sent to you for how to submit supplemental materials.

How Your Application is Reviewed:

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Typically, applicants receive a decision within 6-8 weeks after all required application materials have been received. As a general guide, applicants who submit their applications Dec 16 -April 15 should anticipate a decision by May 1 (for Summer admission). For applications submitted April 16 - July 15, applicants should anticipate a decision by August 1 (for Fall admission). For applications submitted July 16-Dec 15, applicants should anticipate a decision by Jan 5 (for Spring admission).

Contact Information

Have additional questions about your application or the program requirements? Please contact our College of Education Harrisburg student services support office for assistance.

Anne Eckert
Coordinator of Student Services
: (717) 232-6400