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Financial Services

Important Financial Aid Information for Graduate Students

  • No Grant Eligibility for Graduate students
  • Must be registered and taking a minimum of 6.0 credits hours (half time status) to be eligible for loan assistance.
  • Non-matriculated students are eligible for $12,500 per Award year.
  • Graduate students are eligible for the maximum Federal Stafford Loan.
    Annual Loan Limit is $20,500
    Maximum Unsubsidized Loans Only for Graduate Students
    NOTE: The subsidy of the loan is determined by the schools financial aid office. If you do not have sufficient need to qualify for a subsidized loan, you may qualify for an unsubsidized loan. Loan eligibility is determined by the students undergraduate loan amounts/limits and current need. Also, the school may limit the amount that you can borrow based on your enrollment status and credit/clock hours.

Steps for applying for financial aid

Step 1

Fill out an Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at www.FAFSA.ed.gov
TempleĀ“s school code is 003371. The FAFSA can be signed electronically using a PIN number assigned to you by the USDE. If you do not already have a PIN established or you forgot your PIN number you can request one at www.pin.ed.gov

Step 2

Go to www.temple.edu/sfs and select Forms from the left hand side of the page. Select the appropriate form for your status, Graduate or Non Matriculated. Non matriculated students must complete the Non-matriculated Student FFELP Eligibility Exception form (This form must be signed by an advisor) You may fax the form to main campus at 215-204-5897. Call to confirm it's been received within 3 to 5 business days at 215-204-2244. 

Step 3

Complete the online Entrance Counseling Session online at http://www.Studentloans.gov.

This is a government requirement when borrowing Federal loan assistance. The funds will be returned if the Entrance Interview is not complete.

Step 4

Go to www.Studentloans.gov and complete and sign the DLP Master Promissory Note. The application must be signed electronically using your PIN#. The same PIN# you used to sign your FAFSA

Step 5

Check TuPortal Self-Service Banner. Your financial aid award will be updated on the Banner System. No Access to Banner call Temple Help Desk (215) 204-8000.