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Programs in the College of Education at TUH are designed with the working adult in mind. Courses are offered evenings and weekends and the schedule is structured so that you can complete your degree in a timely manner.

The College of Education offers programs for students seeking either initial teacher certification or advanced certificates and degrees in education-related fields.

Education Degree Programs and Certificates

Business Teachers-to-Be Earn a Master of Education in Business, Computers, & Information Technology Education or Marketing Education

Temple University is an approved provider of Master of Education degrees and Instructional Certificates in BCITE (Business, Computers, & Information Technology) and ME (Marketing Education). This is a particularly exciting opportunity for talented and experienced business practitioners who wish to bring their expertise and ability to the classroom.

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Fast Track Your Way to Principal Certification

Normally it takes two to four years to earn Principal Certification. However, with Temple University College of EducationĀ“s Accelerated Blended Certificate Program, it is as convenient and easy as ABC. Educators interested in earning a K-12 principal certification can do so in little more than a year while still working full time as a teacher or school administrator.

The ABC program involves online course work during one academic year bracketed by in-class work during two summers at any of three Temple Campuses: Center City Philadelphia, Ft. Washington or Harrisburg. There is no application fee, and GRE or MAT scores are not required.

For more information, please contact Marcia Whitaker (Philadelphia and Ft. Washington campuses) at 215-204-8061 or or Clifford Smith (Harrisburg campus) 717.221.1685 or Or visit ABC Program at Temple.

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Our staff is committed to helping you achieve your academic goals while at Temple, and our door is always open. Please donĀ“t hesitate to contact us for questions, concerns and guidance.

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