"Just Wait a While" Educational Film

Developed by Jen May Consulting and Produced by Beholder Productions

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Abstinence is a word that has different meanings in different situations.  Today’s youth are bombarded with messages about abstinence and sex, and all the sexual activities in between.  But do they really understand what it all means?


“Just Wait a While” is a short 24-minute film and accompanying Educator’s Guide developed for youth ages 10-14.  It intends to educate youth about what abstinence truly is with regard to protecting themselves from unintended pregnancy, HIV and STIs. 


The film and guide emphasize that abstinence can be used throughout one’s life, and that it pertains to youth of all sexual orientations, ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses, and races. 



About the Film:  Many people can agree that abstinence is the best choice for young adolescents, and a choice for everyone at different phases of the lifespan.  Learning what abstinence is, what it isn’t, whom it pertains to (everyone), skills for practicing abstinence, and communicating about sex to trusted adults and potential partners are central to the objectives of “Just Wait a While”.


“Just Wait a While” does not instill shame in those who may have already been sexually active, nor does it present abstinence as a doctrine that is to be practiced but not truly understood.  Youth are often told to practice abstinence, but are not given comprehensive information about how to practice abstinence.  Nor are youth given the skills to communicate their beliefs and desires.  “Just Wait a While” advances abstinence education with the use of terminology that is youth-appropriate and medically accurate, scenarios that are realistic and complex, and presents abstinence as a positive and empowering life skill. 


Watch the trailer: 


The film is 24 minutes and consists of 6 scenes that can be accessed individually from the main menu.  Subtitles in Spanish and for the hearing impaired are available options.


The Educator’s Guide includes seven lesson plans (to be taught in 5 hours and 45 minutes), with accompanying worksheets, as well as a pre-film activity. 


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$199/set, includes DVD and Educator Guide (not sold separately)


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