Announcement: Oversight Moved to Temple

Over the past five years The Community Action Association of Pennsylvania [CAAP] and Temple University Harrisburg [TUH] have been partners.  Recently CAAP and TUH have collaborated to change the relationship that we have enjoyed.  Oversight of the Credential for Strengths-based Family Workers (SFW) Training and Credentialing has now transferred to Temple University Harrisburg.  CAAP will no longer be the state coordinating entity.  We have together determined that this transfer will serve to further strengthen the program that has proven to be beneficial to so many.

The current Pennsylvania State Coordinator, Myka Piatt, has joined the TUH team as of September 1, where she will continue to lead the oversight of the PA SFW program.

How can I get more information about SFW Trainings in Pennsylvania?

      Myka Piatt
      (717) 232-6400

If you would like to learn more about the SFW, click here.

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