Instructional Learning Technology Certificate Program (Not online)

Institutions across the nation require educators who understand and can effectively utilize technology in learning environments. This certificate program provides students with the expertise and competencies to implement learning strategies through the use of technology.

The Instructional Learning Technology Certificate is offered online and is designed for working professionals with diverse professional goals including:

  • Educators in public, charter, independent, parochial and other religiously affiliated institutions
  • Corporate and government trainers and adult educators
  • Faculty and instructional leaders in higher education

Program Description

All certificate requirements can be met through online course work. The Instructional Learning Technology Certificate features an innovative curriculum designed for students to enhance careers in a variety of settings.

Program features:

  • Certificate can be completed in two semesters
  • Courses are offered year-round including summers
  • Courses are offered in 6-7 week sessions
  • Provides a pathway for continued studies in Temple’s Master’s of Education degree program

Program Prerequisites: Are you ready for online learning?

The ILT Certificate program is offered primarily through online instruction. Depending on your institution's/district's needs, there may be some face-to-face meetings, but, typically a majority, if not the entirety, of course instruction is completed online.

As an online learner, you will need:

  • Access to a computer (Windows or MAC) with adequate memory and data processing capabilities to support video streaming, multi-tasking, and web content development.
  • Access to a stable and secure internet connection with adequate bandwidth to support video and audio streaming, as well as web-conferencing. In our experience, publicly available free wifi networks (e.g. Starbucks, library, airport, hotel) do not provide adequate connection speeds to support online learning.
  • Access to a webcam with a built-in or separate microphone. For the best experience, we recommend you have available a webcam and a headset (combined headphones and microphone).

As an ILT learner, you will need:

  • Basic computer skills in word processing, internet access/searches, email/chat, and saving/retrieving/sharing electronic documents are assumed.
  • ILT courses are not designed to teach you specific computer skills or software. Rather, we focus on exposing you to a variety of educational tools and considering how you can use these tools to improve and enhance teaching and learning in different contexts. ILT instructors assume that students are self-learners and that you will spend time outside of class time learning how to interact with and use various technologies. We will provide you with resources and guides, where possible, but will expect you to take the initiative in getting familiar with how to use the tools discussed.

Program Requirements

The certificate program requires the completion of four courses including three core courses and one elective course.

Required courses (12 semester hours)

Core Courses (9 semester hours):

  • EDUC 5212 – Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology in Education
    Focuses on the implementation, management, and administration of technology infrastructure (hardware and software) at the building, school, and district levels.
  • EdPsych 5499 - Instructional and Learning Technology
    Introduces characteristics and applications of basic instructional and computer technology in the teaching-learning process.
  • EdPsych 8639 - Instructional Design & Development
    Explores strategies and techniques for creating or modifying instructional resources. Emphasis is on instructional design models for the systematic design of instruction, including adaptive and/or augmentative technology.

Elective (3 semester hours):

Students must complete one of the following elective courses:

  • Ed 5255- TPCK for Teachers (PreK-12)
    Designed for the classroom teacher to explore pedagogically appropriate technology solutions for various content areas.

  • Ed 8232 - Technology, Teaching, and Learning (Higher Ed/Adult Learning)
    Focuses on educational technologies and the ability of technology to enhance both program administration and teaching and learning for youth and adults in school and non-school settings.

Practicum (3 semester hours – required for certification*):

Students who wish to apply for the Instructional Technology Specialist (K-12) certification* from PDE must complete a minimum of 75 hours of participation in sequential field experiences/practicum.

  • Ed Psych 9287: ILT: Pracitcum in Instructional Technology

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Temple is currently awaiting reauthorization from PDE to recommend candidates for the Instructional Technology Specialist (K-12) certification. Students will not be permitted to register for Ed Psych 9287 until Temple receives written reauthorization from PDE. Students may, at this time, elect to enroll in and complete Temple's ILT Graduate Certificate program (12 semester hours) and will be provided the opportunity to complete the additional requirements (3 semester hours) for PDE Certification once approval is received. Under revised PDE guidelines, applicants may be required to provide evidence of having completed additional coursework in Special Education and English Language Learning (ELL) to meet any PDE certification requirements.

Admissions Requirements

  • Completed Online Application
  • Official transcripts from all colleges & graduate schools attended
  • TOEFL for non-native speakers of English
  • Current professional resume (upload with online application)

Application Deadlines

Students can enroll in any semester including summer.

Contact Information

For more information about this certificate contact:
Anne Eckert
Coordinator of Student Services
: (717) 232-6400