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Community Recovery and Wellness Conference

Please join us on this day to show our communities that recovery is possible and that people recover.

Join The Voices of Recovery:  The Mind and Body Connection

 Whether you are an individual in recovery, a family member, a friend, a professional in the field, a co-worker or an employer of a person in recovery , we need YOU there. Our message is simple: Recovery Works!


September 2014 marks the 25th Anniversary of the observance of National Recovery Month—a time to reflect on the impact of disease of addiction and mental health, the lessons learned, the lives saved, lives lost and that RECOVERY is possible. Each day of the year is a call to action to continue to build upon our efforts to teach, educate, support and encourage RECOVERY. We are energized because we truly feel that someday we will change how society sees the illness of addiction and the beautiful gift of recovery, so the time is NOW! TOGETHER, we can and must do whatever it takes to ignite the NEW RECOVERY MOVEMENT!


This conference will bring together experts and professionals from across the state and country to focus on ways to make an impact in the “new recovery movement” and bring awareness to everyone attending. Throughout the conference-the keynote speaker, featured speakers, and workshop sessions focus on specific areas from holistic to medicine assisted recovery.  As well as recovery options from intervention, treatment and continuous improvement for long term health and wellness. The conference will provide participants opportunities to learn new strategies and individualized solutions that create a positive environment for people in recovery.


Target Audience:

Addiction Professionals

Church Leaders

Community Leaders


Families and Friends

Healthcare Professionals

Law Enforcement and Legislators

Mental Health Professionals

Probation Officers

School Administrators and Staff

Social Service Providers

Victim Advocates



Conference Date:           

September 13, 2014


E. H. Markle Intermediate School

225 Bowman Road

Hanover, PA  17331

Conference Time:           

Registration from 7:00 am to 8:00 am 

Conference:  8:00 am to 3:30 pm

Deadline for registration: 

September 12, 2014 at 12:00 pm or when filled to capacity 


Register today - Online at  www.guidingheartswithhope.org 

or by mail at the address below:

Guiding Hearts with Hope, Inc.

P.O. Box 485

Hanover, PA 17331