> Article: Temple University Harrisburg announces the "Freshman Year" to begin at TUH fall 2015

Temple University Harrisburg announces the "Freshman Year" to begin at TUH fall 2015

The Freshman Year at Temple University Harrisburg (FYTH) is designed to offer Temple General Education courses to full-time admitted students at the Harrisburg campus. Students will enter in the Fall semester; take classes in Fall/Spring/Summer then move on to Temple main campus or Ambler campus to complete the final 3 years of their undergraduate degree (a “1+3” program). Admission standards and tuition rates would be the same as at the main campus.

The purpose of the program is to allow students from the Central PA area the opportunity to live and work near home while completing their initial year as full time Temple students. This will allow for and assist in a smooth transition to the larger main campus. This first year will prepare students for a successful undergraduate experience in a large urban university setting. It will provide study skill and life skill training such as communication, assertiveness, listening and team building skills…along with opportunities to establish relationships and connections with other students and university staff prior to arriving on main campus. The course work will provide exposure to the undergraduate course load in a highly supportive environment. The program is designed to give students a 3 day intensive class schedule and a 4 day weekend to provide time for study and employment if desired. The program will also incorporate various social and co-curricular activities that would allow students to experience the main campus and ease their transition.

Please contact Anne Eckert for more information, or apply online.

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