> Article: The Social Worker's Little Green Book

The Social Worker's Little Green Book

Created by Social Work p.r.n. of Pennsylvania and Dedicated to Social Workers Who Spend Their Lives Helping Others to Navigate Our Complex Society and World.

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Everyone needs a little extra shot in their coffee once in a while. The Social Worker’s Little Green Book is just that! After graduation, after being in the field, it’s easy to sometimes forget things, or not have the time to read important papers on social work. So, we have devised the little green book. Basically it’s a compendium of things never told to us in school. I’d love to tell you that it’s complete, but we’ve only been in business for 15 years, and social work has been around a lot longer. So we’re just catching up.

Anyway, this book is dedicated to all of you who are graduates of accredited schools of social work. It’s because of you that your clients thrive and live out their lives just a little bit better.

Oh, and because of you, we are here. And, because without you, Social Work prn would be just another staffing company.

Thank you very much,

Rob Plotkin, CEO, LSW