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Requirements for the Minor

See the Undergraduate Bulletin.


Minor in Geography and Urban Studies

3 credits Select one introductory course from this list:

GUS 1050 Environment and Society
GUS 1021 Urban Society: Race, Class & Community
GUS 1025 World Urban Patterns
GUS 1031 Geography of World Affairs

15 credits Select five electives.

At least four of the 5 courses must be 2000+ level. One cognate course may substitute for an elective with written permission from the faculty advisor.


Total credits needed for the minor: 18 credits


Minor in Environmental Studies

3 credits Env-Stud/GUS 1051 or 1951 Environment and Society


3-4 credits One course from this list (plus any required prerequisites):

Biology 2227 Principles of Ecology
Geology 3021 Introduction to Hydrology
Env-Stud/GUS 3062 Fundamentals of GIS
Economics 3596 Energy, Ecology and Economy


3 credits One policy course from the approved elective list


9-12 credits Three topics courses from the approved list


Total credits needed for the minor: 18-22 credits


For more information about the Minor in Environmental Studies, see


Certificates of Specialization

Certificate Director: Professor Silberfein, GUS,, Room 338A Gladfelter


The certificates in the Geography of Tourism and Geography of Sports, Recreation and Tourism Planning are not offered to students who are GUS majors or minors.



Requirements: four course, one from each of the following groups:


Group 1 (Intro): GUS 1031 Geography of World Affairs (or 0867 World Regions and Cultures), GUS 1051 Environment and Society (or 0842 Sustainable Environments), or GUS 1025 World Urban Patterns (or 0831 Global Cities)


Group 2 (Regional/Intermediate): GUS 2073 African Development, GUS 2074 East and South Asia, GUS 2031 Economic Geography, or GUS 2071 US and Canada


Group 3 (Advanced International and US) GUS 3052 Environmental Problems in Asia, GUS 4056 Political Ecology, GUS 4021 International Urbanization, or GUS 4075 Comparative Regional Development


Group 4   GUS 3073 Geography of Travel and Tourism




Requirements: Four courses, one selected from each of the following categories:


1. (Intro) GUS 1051 Environment and Society (or 0842 Sustainable Environments), GUS 1021 Urban Society (or 0861 Urban Dynamics), or GUS 1052 Introduction to the Physical Environment


2. (Urban) GUS 2014 Intro Urban Geography, GUS 2021 Philadelphia  Neighborhoods, GUS 3001 Images of the City in Popular Culture, GUS 3025 Urban Crime Patterns, GUS 3096 Urban Policy Analysis., GUS 4014 Urban Social Geography, or GUS 4015 The Geographic Basis of Land Use Planning

3. (Environmental) GUS 2051 The Urban Environment, GUS 2051 Environment and Development, GUS 3051 Environmental Policy Issues, or GUS 4051 Hazards Geog.


4. GUS 3073 Geography of Travel and Tourism


Other Relevant Courses:


(One of these can be substituted with permission of the Certificate Director)


GUS GUS 3061 Fund. Of Cartography, GUS 3062 Fund. of GIS, GUS 4018 Economic Development Planning for Cities, GUS 4019 Urban Planning Workshop, GUS 4044 Urban Housing, GUS 4071 Medical Geography, GUS 4097 Gender, Race, Class and the City   




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