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We encourage students to apply their skills and knowledge in a credit-bearing internship that utilizes their academic training. Assignments at planning, social service and other agencies, as well as firms that specialize in mapping and geographic data analysis, have helped students secure employment. The internship is complemented by a seminar in which students discuss their experiences. See the Internship Coordinator of this department, Dr. Max Andrucki ( for more details and for information on possible internship sites. Another resource for internships is the College of Liberal Arts Center for Internships and Career Development. Contact Dr. Michael Szekely ( for more information.


Recently, for example, GUS students secured internship positions in places like the Office of the Treasurer, City of Philadelphia, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, and the New Kensington Community Development Corporation.


List of recent internships

Term Student Organization
Fall, 2009

Peter Angevine

Leigha Delbusso   

Gregory Diehl 

Avi Fox   

Helen Guerin   

Jared Jones 

Jennifer Kaufman 

Kim Kniezewski   

Phillip Kurello 

Karen Lazarus                

Melissa McKrell 

Alissa Mathews               

Shelley Millar 

Emily Nadav 

David Pirko 

Vincent Roe    

Natania Schaumburg     

Korin Tangtrakul 

Phila. Mural Arts Program

Center for Environmental Farming Systems

Fair Food

Narberth Greens

Fair Food

Borough of Lansdowne, PA.

Phila. Committee to End Homelessness

Narberth Greens

Fairmount Park


Coprodeli, USA (Arlington)

DVRPC-Local Foods Program

Jobsite Products, Harleysville, PA

Fairmount Park

Phila. City Planning Commission

City of Phila., Technology Division., GIS Group

New Kensington, CDC


Spring, 2009

Chris Burrell    

Andrew Daramola    

Anne Kopena 

Ashley  James 

Christopher Lee 

Mariam Malik

John Roderick

Matthew Thomas  

Jessica Wyckoff             

Greenpeace, San Francisco

Frontline Solutions

Trenchtown School, Jamaica

The Energy Coordinating Agency 

New Kensington CDC

Girls, Inc.

Digsau Architechture

Narberth Greens

The Food Trust

Fall, 2008

Chris Aiosa                

Roger Drummond    

Emily Gleason 

Jessica Gruber 

Lisa Howe                  

Lara Murray 

Erin Quinn  

Daniel Shurley            


The Reinvestment Fund

The Project for Nuclear Awareness

Greenpeace (Wash DC)


USDA Forest Service, International (Wash DC)

White Dog Community Enterprises

Office of Phila. City Councilman Curtis Jones

Spring 2008

Nana Sato

Amanda Shor

Chris Hendrick


Sarah Cordivano

Sasha DeCaires


Greg Wetmore

Ukrainian Federation of America

Jewish Family & Children’s Services

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

New Kensington CDC

West Poplar Neighborhood Advisory Committee

City of Phila., Office of the Controller, Financial and Policy Analysis Unit

Fall 2007

Imane Hanine             

Emily Nadav              

Stefanie Emery  

White Dog Café Enterprises

Breadfruit Trading Company

Greensgrow Farms

Spring 2007

Andrew King 


Ryan Briggs              

PEACE Project (Personalized Entrepreneurial  Active Collaboration Exploratory)

Office of the Mayor, City of Phila: Neighborhood Transformation Initiative

Fall 2006

Julia Glickman

Sara Duling

Jessica Musti

Alexandra Elkovitch

David Reed

Fatima Abbas  


Duling Restoration

Phila. City Planning


New Kensington CDC


Spring 2006

Justin Jarboe 

Zoe Robertson 

Jacob Winterstein   

Tara Mullen  

Thomas Gallo     

Philly Car Share

Associacion Puertoriqueños

Wm Penn HS/Student Success Center

Cardinal Bevilaqua Community Center

Phila City Planning

Fall 2005

Tiffany Funk 

Antoinette Johnson 


Tandi Book   

Women’s Community Revitalization Project

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

Congresso: Roberto Clemente Site

Spring 2005

Elizabeth Moore

Kathryn Doherty-Chapman

Ben Puchawitz  

Chris Weisel    

Sean Weinstein    

Sherrick Project Management

New Kensington CDC

Delaware Valley Green Bldg Council

Phila City Planning/Strategic Planning

BITs Program, GUS

Fall 2004

Amala Enigwe  

Kevin Musselman 

Jared Goyette 

Matt Goldfine 

UNEP: Nairobi, Kenya

Phila. City Planning

Brazilian Embassy, Wash. D.C.

The Reinvestment Fund  



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