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Qualified students are encouraged to complete an internship in their area of interest. We can help you with setting up an internship. You should regard the internship as a serious undertaking; in other words, you are expected to work hard, be prompt and reliable, and generally represent Temple well. In return, your on-site internship supervisor should ensure that your responsibilities are meaningful and that you are not consigned to photocopying and pencil-sharpening duties. Procedures for evaluation and assignment of a grade will be included in the internship agreement that is required for any internship that bears academic credit. All of these details must be arranged with your faculty adviser and internship supervisor before your internship commences.


When thinking about an internship--and it doesn't hurt to start thinking early--discuss your interests with your advisor and other faculty. Look at the web sites that are linked below and spend some time following the additional links contained within them. Come to the Environmental Studies office to look through information that is kept on file. Watch for announcements on the Environmental Studies listserv. And be creative in doing your own search for internship opportunities. If, for example, you want to do an internship in another part of the United States or overseas, there are opportunities and there are ways to learn more about them.


Are there internships that pay? As you might expect, there are more unpaid than paid opportunities. The advantage with an unpaid internship is that you can have a greater say in setting the terms and tailoring the experience to serve your needs. And bear in mind that some internships, while not carrying a stipend, will cover the costs of travel, supplies, etc. This is something you will want to discuss up-front, when you are arranging the internship. And there are some very good internships that provide stipends. The Environmental Protection Agency's NNEMS program is a good source for paying internships. Watch for the annual NNEMS announcement in December or January--and act quickly, as the application period is rather short.


For additional information contact Max Andrucki


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