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Areas of Expertise


Carolyn Adams



Urban public policy, housing, economic development, infrastructure planning.

324 Gladfelter Hall

215 204 1432

Max Andrucki

Visiting Assistant Professor

Internship Coordinator

Social and cultural geography, particularly questions around the ways that different kinds of bodies move through and experience space. Sexuality, gender, and space; the geographies of whiteness in contemporary South Africa; and on the intersection between migration and transnationalism and identity.

318 Gladfelter Hall

215 204 1233

Sanjoy Chakravorty

Distribution, Development, Globalization, Cities, Regions, India 325 Gladfelter Hall
215 204 1434

Fletcher Chmara-Huff

Visiting Assistant Professor

Territory and Territorialization, Political Ecology, Indigenous Peoples, Caribbean Studies, Fisheries, Sustainability, Citizen Science and related methodologies, Identity Politics, Whiteness, and Green Christianity.

340 Gladfelter Hall

215 204 8396

Roman Cybriwsky


Urban-social geography, world cities, neighborhood change and development, cultural geography, Pacific Asia. 335 Gladfelter Hall
215 204 1374

Bradley Gardener

Visiting Assistant Professor

Critical Race Theory, Identity Studies, Migration Studies, Geography of New York, Jewish Diaspora, Whiteness Studies, Marxist Political Economy, Critical GIS, Urban Geography

333 Gladfelter Hall

215 204 3331

Melissa Gilbert

Department Chair



Urban, economic, and feminist geography, feminist and critical race theory, urban social theory, urban poverty and labor markets, labor and community organizing, information technologies and economic empowerment, qualitative methods. 309 Gladfelter Hall
215 204 5482

Allison Hayes-Conroy

Assistant Professor

Food systems; sustainable nature-society relations (political ecology, environmental and food justice, ANT); social movements; globalization; urban/rural studies and land use policy; feminist geography and politics of the body; politics of affect, feelings and emotion; community development; spiritual ecology.

329 Gladfelter Hall

Shangrila Joshi

Visiting Assistant Professor

Political ecology, environmental justice, environment and development, climate mitigation policy and politics, qualitative research methods, South Asia.

325B Gladfelter Hall

215 204 2961

Charles Kaylor Visiting Assistant Professor

GIS, information technology, e-government, the digital divide, community planning

313B Gladfelter Hall

Benjamin Kohl



International development and economic policy, international urban studies, political economy of development and planning, urban planning, Latin America, Andean Region, Bolivia ...

339 Gladfelter Hall

215 204 6261

Robert Mason

Environmental policy, land-use planning and growth management, parks and protected areas, Japan. 316 Gladfelter Hall
215 204 4483

Michele Masucci

Interim Vice Provost for Research


Water resources management, GIS and society, appropriate use of GIS and information technologies, planning theory, community development. 313 Gladfelter Hall
215 204 4429

Jeremy Mennis
Associate Professor,

Undergraduate Chair



Geographic information science and systems: spatio-temporal databases, spatial analysis, geographic data mining, social and environmental applications of geographic information systems (environmental justice, urban ecology). 328 Gladfelter Hall
215 204 4748

David Organ

Visiting Assistant Professor


Historical geography, urban geography and African American Studies

323 Gladfelter Hall

215 204 4962

Hamil Pearsall Assistant Professor

Graduate Chair

Urban sustainability; environmental justice and health; GIS; human dimensions of global environmental change; risk, hazards and vulnerability; brownfield redevelopment; urban greening

313A Gladfelter Hall

215 204 3074

Christina Rosan

Assistant Professor, Director of Environmental Studies

Metropolitan planning and governance in the U.S. and Latin America, environmental planning, land use  and growth management, urban politics, management of mega-cities

320 Gladfelter Hall


Rickie Sanders

Urban social geography, geographic education/ under represented groups, environment and development. 317 Gladfelter Hall
215 204 5650

Kolson Schlosser

Visiting Assistant Professor

Political ecology of mineral resource extraction in northern North America, environmental history, critical geopolitics, population geography, geographic pedagogy.

338 Gladfelter Hall

215 204 2185

Jacob Shell

Assistant Professor

Transportation and infrastructure; transport animals; geography of social movements and rebellions; cartography and geovisualization; mapping of texts and literature; geographic dimensions of political economy.

319 Gladfelter Hall

215 204 1374

Jerry Stahler

Psychology (clinical), program evaluation, urban social problems, drug abuse. 337 Gladfelter Hall
215 204 6939

Elizabeth L. Sweet
Visiting Assistant Professor

Immigration, Economic Development, Gender Violence and Diversity Issues in Community Development 325A Gladfelter Hall
215 204 2960


Emeritus Faculty



Areas of Expertise


David Bartelt
Emeritus Professor


Housing policy, urban social theory, urban schools, urban economic development.

Marilyn Silberfein
Emeritus Professor


Urban and rural development, third world economic geography, migration, political geography, tourism, world affairs.

338A Gladfelter Hall

215 204 3386


Adjunct Faculty in GUS



Beau Bradley
Andrew Buss


Michael Coard
Mathew Davis
David Feldman
Walter Gholson
Charles Johnson


Silvana Mazzella
Christina Valente







Belinda Wilson
215 204 0472

Tycina Cousin


215 204 7692



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