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BSweet.jpgElizabeth L. Sweet

Visiting Assistant Professor


Office: 325A Gladfelter Hall

Telephone: 215 204 2960



Areas of Expertise

The intersections of race, gender and citizenship in the context of community development, economics, workforce development, and violence in Latin America, Russia (including indigenous communities), and US immigrant communities




2000 - PhD in Public Policy Analysis-Urban Planning, University of Illinois at Chicago
1992 - Master's of Urban Planning and Policy University of Illinois at Chicago
1985 - B.A. Soviet and Eastern European Studies, Boston University


Dr. Sweet is engaged in an interdisciplinary stream of scholarship examining the role of planning and policy in the production and reproduction of social, economic, and spatial inequalities. Using primarily qualitative methods, often in collaboration with anthropologists, geographers, sociologists, or historians, she analyzes community and economic development policy from a diverse economies perspective that recognizes alternative capitalist and non-market activities. She is particularly interested in the nature and extent of minority women's economic activities.  An additional consideration is the role of violence—both gendered and race-based—as it relates to economic self-sufficiency and urban development. She explores how changing economic conditions in the public sphere affect changing economic conditions and domestic violence in the private sphere. Dr. Sweet also studies how communities are responding to anti-immigrant violence, defined broadly to include hate crimes, family separation, and economic hardship. 

Selected Publications


Chakars, M., and E. L. Sweet. 2014 Women and the Economics of Survival Before and After Regime Change: Diverse Economies and Work Strategies in the Russian Republic of Buryatia GeoJournal 1-15 online first (DOI)10.1007/s10708-014-9522-5


Sweet, E. L. 2013 How Grassroots Women Are Raising Awareness and Enlisting Authorities Against Growing Violence in Peru. The Global Urbanist,


Ortiz, S and Sweet E. L. 2013 Migrant Women’s Safety: Policy and Practice in Building Inclusive Cities: women’s safety and the right to public space Edited by Whitzman, C  et al. UK, Earthscan Publishers (peer reviewed)


Sweet. E. L. 2012 New Configurations of Racism after 9/11: Gender and Race in the Context of the Anti-Immigrant City. edited volume by John Betancur and Cedric Harring Reinventing Race, Reinventing Racism: The 40th Anniversary of the Kerner Commission, Brill Publishers (peer reviewed)


E L Sweet, S. Lee, S. Ortiz Escalante 2012 'A Slow Assassination of Your Soul' Race, Citizenship and Gender Identities in the Boardlands of New Economic Places, Transnational Migration, Gender and Rights edited by Ragnhild Sollund, and Liam Leonard, Emerald Group Publishing Limited (peer reviewed)


Drigo, M. V., C. Ehlschlaeger and E. L Sweet. 2012 Intimate Partner Violence and Support Systems, in Ecologist-Developed Spatially-Explicit Dynamic Landscape Models (Modeling Dynamic Systems), Edited by James Westervelt, New York, Springer Publishing Company (peer reviewed)


Sweet, E. L. and H. Etienne. 2011 Commentary: Diversity in Urban Planning Education and Practice Journal of Planning Education and Research. 31(3): 332-339 (peer reviewed)


Sweet E. L. 2011 Response to Letter to Editors: Action and Planning – Where do We Draw the Line? Journal of Planning Education and Research, 31(2): 221-222 - see the original letter HERE


Sweet E. L. and M. Chakars 2010 Identity, Culture, Land, and Language: Stories of Insurgent Planning in the Republic of Buryatia in Russia Journal of Planning Education and Research 30(2) pp 198-209 (also see letter to the editor and Sweet response regarding this article) (peer reviewed)


Sweet, E. L. and S. Ortiz Escalante 2010 Planning Responds to Gender Violence: Evidence from Spain, Mexico, and the Unites States, Urban Studies 47(10) pp 2129-2147 (peer reviewed)


Sweet E. L. 2010 Diversity in Urban Planning: From the Discipline to Department Climates. edited by Jorge Chapa, Helen Neville, and Margaret Browne Huntt. Implementing Diversity:  Contemporary Challenges and Best Practices at Predominantly White Universities. Chapter 12: 224-246, Champaign, IL Center for Democracy in a Multiracial Society (peer reviewed)


Sweet E. L. 2009 Ethnographic Understandings of Gender and Economic Transition in Siberia: Implications for Planners and Policy Makers. European Planning Studies Journal 17(5) pp 701-718 (peer reviewed)


Sweet, E. L. 2009 Latina Portraits Social Economic Well Being Synopsis, Mujeres Latinas en Accíon. Policy Brief.


Capeheart, L. and E. L. Sweet 2006, Condiciones, Drogas, y La Cárcel: Life Circumstances and Drug Usage of Latino Arrestees in Miami, New York, San Antonio, and San Jose, Criminal Justice Policy Review 17(4) pp 427-450 (peer reviewed)












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