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Richard Mbatu

Visiting Assistant Professor


325B Gladfelter Hall



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Area of Expertise:

1) forest resource management and policy aspects of sustainable development and climate change, and 2) the structure and function of plans, programs, bilateral and multilateral agreements and conventions dealing with forest resource management, agriculture, land use planning, and climate change. I look into human-environment interactions through the lenses of political ecology, political economy of natural resources, environmental politics, and sustainable development.


Ph.D. (Environmental Science – Policy Focus) Oklahoma State University, 2006
           Stillwater OK.
M.S. (Geography) Oklahoma State University, 2003
           Stillwater OK.
Grd.Crt. (International Studies) Oklahoma State University 2006
           Stillwater OK.
B.S. (Geography and Environmental Management) University of Dschang, 1998
           Dschang, Cameroon.

Academic Awards

2010: Teaching and Learning Community Award – Bowling Green State University.
2006: Dissertation Research and Travel Awards – Oklahoma State University.
2001-2006: Teaching/Research Assistantship – Oklahoma State University.
1999: DAFI-Scholarship for Graduate Studies – United Nations.


Manuscripts in progress

Mbatu, R.S. “Globalization and Deforestation: An Examination of the Environmental Effects of Direct Investment in the Forest Sector in Cameroon”
Mbatu, R.S. “Redd+ in Cameroon: Opportunities and Challenges for Women”
Mbatu, R.S. “Smallholder Farmers and the Future of their Agroforestry Systems under Redd+ in Cameroon”
Mbatu, R.S. “The Status of Redd+ in Africa and its Contribution towards Fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals: The Case of Cameroon”
Mbatu, R.S. “Redd+ and the International Forests Regime: National Policies in Cameroon and Gabon”
Mbatu, R.S. “The Cameroon Forest Policy: Evaluating the Impact of Sectoral and subsectoral Forces and Configurations on Policy Outcomes”
Mbatu, R.S. “Implementation of REDD+ in the Congo Basin: Livelihoods and Environmental Outcomes”


Our Common Future: An Appeal to Save Cameroon’s Land, Forest and Water
. Prospectus submitted to Nova Science Publishers.


Refereed Journal Articles

Mbatu, R.S. and Otiso, K.M. (2012). “Chinese Economic Expansionism in Africa: A Theoretical Analysis of the Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis in the Forest Sector in Cameroon” (African Geographical Review), doi: 10.1080/19376812.2012.719145.
Mbatu, R.S. (2009). “Forest Policy Analysis Praxis: Modeling the Problem of Forest Loss in Cameroon.” Forest Policy and Economics 11(1), 26-33.
Mbatu, R.S. (2009). “Forest Exploitation in Cameroon (1884-1994): An Oxymoron of Top-down and Bottom-up Forest Management Policy Approaches.” International Journal of Environmental Studies, 66(06), pp. 747 - 763. 2009.
Mbatu, R.S. (2009). “Deforestation in the Buea-Limbe and Bertoua Regions in Cameroon (1984-2000): Modernization, World- Systems, and Neo-Malthusian Outlook.” GeoJournal, 75(5), 443-458.
Mbatu, R.S. (2007). “Environmental Injustice and the Ogoni and Bakola-Bagyeli Pygmy Peoples: Experiences from Nigeria and Cameroon.” Fourth World Journal 7(2), 40-53.

Edited Book Chapter

Mbatu, R.S. (2012) “Obstacles to a Conceptual Framework for Sustainable Forest Management under REDD in Central Africa: A Two-Country Analysis” In Sustainable Forest Management: Case Studies. Julio J. Diez (Ed), InTech Publisher, ISBN 978-953-51-0511-4.

Book Reviews

Mbatu, R.S. (2010) “Trade, Globalization and Sustainability Impact Assessment: A Critical Look at Methods and Outcomes,” edited by Paul Ekins and Tancrède Voituriez, Earthscan Publishers, London and Sterling, VA, 348 pp, 2009, International Journal of Environmental Studies, 67(2), 271-273.
Mbatu, R.S. (2010). “If a Tree Falls: Rediscovering the Great American Chestnut,” D.J. Buege, Xlibris Corporation, Philadelphia, pp.186, 2008, International Journal of Environmental Studies, 67(1), 93
Mbatu, R.S. (2010). “The Balance of Nature: Ecology's Enduring Myth,” John Kricher, Princeton University Press, Princeton & Oxford, pp. 237, 2009, International Journal of Environmental Studies, 67(1), 94-95.












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