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Max Andrucki

Visiting Assistant Professor


318 Gladfelter Hall








Primarily interested in social and cultural geography, particularly questions around the ways that different kinds of bodies move through and experience space. My research and publications to date have focused on sexuality, gender, and space; the geographies of whiteness in contemporary South Africa; and on the intersection between migration and transnationalism and identity. I am currently in the beginning stages of a participatory research project on transgendered people's experiences of home and home-making (



Ph.D. in Geography

2011      University of Leeds (UK)


Master of Arts in Geography

2004      University of Vermont (USA)


Bachelor of Arts, cum laude

1999      Columbia University (USA)






Andrucki, M.J. (2013) “There’s a drumbeat in Africa”: Embodying imaginary geographies of transnational whiteness in contemporary South Africa, Geoforum 49: 1-9.


Andrucki, M.J. (2012) The visa whiteness machine: Transnational motility in post-apartheid South Africa, reprinted in B. Gardener & F.W. Twine, eds, Geographies of Privilege, Routledge


Andrucki, M.J. (2010) The visa whiteness machine: Transnational motility in post-apartheid South Africa. Ethnicities 10(3): 358-370.


Dickinson, J., M. Andrucki, E. Rawlins, D. Hale, and V. Cook (2008) Introduction: Geographies of everyday citizenship, ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies 7(2): 100-112. [introductory essay to peer reviewed special issue on ‘Geographies of Everyday Citizenship’ co-edited by Max Andrucki, Jen Dickinson, Emma Rawlins, Daniel Hale, and Victoria Cook]


Andrucki, M.J. and Glen S. Elder (2007) Locating the state in queer space: GLBT non-profit organizations in Vermont, USA, Social & Cultural Geography 8 (1): 89-104.



In Preparation


Andrucki, M.J. and J. Dickinson. Rethinking centers and margins: the embodied performances of transnational mobility, for submission to Political Geography


Andrucki, M.J. Whiteness and the politics of propinquity: Fantasizing the neoliberal body in neo-liberal South Africa, for submission to Antipode














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