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Program News

The Department launched a new graduate program

New Ph.D. Program in Urban Studies, and

New MA in Geography and Urban Studies


The Department is launching a new doctoral program in Urban Studies and a redesigned MA in Geography and Urban Studies began in September 2009.


To learn more about these programs go HERE.


To contact the Graduate Director, Professor Ben Kohl, email here.

Two outstanding undergraduate majors win awards...MORE


New Faculty Members join the Department of Geography and Urban Studies

Hamil Pearsall is a geographer specializing in urban sustainability and environmental justice. Her research bridges several themes in human-environment and human geography: the social dimension of sustainability; environmental justice and health; and community resilience to environmental and economic stressors. Her current projects focus on environmental gentrification, the role of vacant land in urban greening efforts, and the impact of environmental justice on urban sustainability planning. She received her PhD in Geography from Clark University.


New Books


Professors Carolyn Adams and David Bartelt publish book on Metropolitan Philadelphia

Professors Carolyn Adams and David Bartelt have published Restructuring the Philadelphia Region: Metropolitan Divisions and Inequality , along with co-authors David Elesh and Ira Goldstein. The book, issued by Temple University Press, is heavily based on their funded research project, the Metropolitan Philadelphia Indicators Project.

Restructuring Philadelphia

Rob Mason Has Book Published

Associate Professor Rob Mason recently had a book published titled Collaborative Land Use Management: The Quieter Revolution in Place-Based Planning (Rowman and Littlefield, 2007). Mason's other book is titled Contested Lands: Conflict and Compromise in New Jersey's Pine Barrens (Temple University Press, 1992).

Quieter Revolution

Sanjoy Chakravorty Has Three Books Published


Professor and Chair Sanjoy Chakravorty recently had three books published. The first (with S.V. Lall) is titled Made in India: The Economic Geography and Political Economy of Industrialization and was published by Oxford University Press (New Delhi, 2007). The second is titled Fragments of Inequality: Social, Spatial, and Evolutionary Analyses of Income Distribution and was published by Routledge (New York, 2006). The third (with Temple University Department of Criminal Justice faculty G. Rengert and J. Ratcliffe) is titled Policing Illegal Drug Markets: Geographic Approaches to Crime Reduction and was published by Criminal Justice Press (Monsey, New York, 2005). To see sample chapters go HERE.

Fragments of Inequality











Made in India

Ben Kohl Has Two Books Published


Associate Professor Ben Kohl authored a new book, Impasse in Bolivia: Neoliberal Hegemony and Popular Resistance, with Linda Farthing. The book was published by Zed Press (London, 2006).

Impasse in Bolivia

En las cadencias de una narración oral, Félix Muruchi reconstruye en estos textos una vida consagrada al ineludible ejercicio de la política (ineludible al menos en países como Bolivia, en los que la política no es una elección sino una fatalidad). La suya es un vida ejemplar en el viejo sentido de las vidas ejemplares: resume un destino colectivo y toca los núcleos esenciales de la historia boliviana contemporánea: el origen rural-campesino, el trabajo y la formación política mineros, el exilio en tiempos de dictadura, para rematar, ya en la era neoliberal, con sus años de militancia alteña. En ello, quizá lo único desafortunado del libro sea el uso de la palabra “activista” en el subtítulo, palabra cuyas connotaciones aluden a tradiciones más voluntaristas.
La narración de Muruchi, editada en colaboración con Benjamin Kohl y Linda Farthing, tiene el interés, además, de ser capaz de establecer un conexión orgánica entre el destino individual y lo que se ha llamado la historia “larga” de una colectividad. Que una autobiografía, como ésta, no pueda establecer sus sentidos sin aludir a hechos como, por ejemplo, la Guerra del Chaco o la Revolución del 52 prueba precisamente ese interés.


New Funding

Currently under Construction


Student Achievements



Outstanding undergraduate majors win awards


Reilly Wilson, Class of 2013 Honors Scholar, has received a UK Fulbright Student Award and a National Science Foundation Graduate Student Fellowship. The Fulbright Fellowship will enable Reilly to undertake a Masters by Research in Geography at the University of Leeds, where her research will focus on the evolving discourse and policy of adventure playgrounds.  Afterwards, Reilly will return to the US to begin a doctoral program at CUNY,  funded through her NSF fellowship.  Reilly plans to focus her doctoral research on the public space experiences of children in Bihac, Bosnia-Herzegovina, a continuation of her Honors Scholar research which was funded through a Temple CARAS grant.

Reilly majored in Geography and Urban Studies at Temple.


GUS student Wins Temple University Diamond Scholarship (2012-13)


Alison Merrick was a 2012 Diamond Scholar. The title of her research project is "Examining Accessibility to Mass Transportation by Different Populations in Philadelphia, PA."

       Although recent reports indicate that mass transportation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is suffering due to budgetary constraints, suggesting that mass transit may fail to serve certain populations, the results of this mixed-methods study indicate that mass transportation in Philadelphia continues to provide accessible service on three modes of transit to different populations, including total population, population living below the poverty line, those who report as being African-American, and those who report as being white. For more information on the Diamond Scholars program go here.


Outstanding undergraduate students for the 2011-2013 academic years


Carolyn Adams Award

2013 Safya O'Rourke

2012 Amelia Carter

2011 Melissa McKrell


GUS Award for Outstanding Achievement

2013 Linsey Walsh

2012 Dana Dobson

2011 Erica Acuna


Henry Michael Prize

2013 Yuan Huang

2012 Cedar Peters

2011 Tessa Vithayathil


Delaware Valley Geographic Association

2013 Leanna Arnold

2012 Emily Gleason

2011 Suwathna Reel

Patrick Stocking

2013 Alison Merrick

2012 Cailin Bean

2011 Aaron Fraint


Environmental Studies Award

2013 Annie Preston

2012 Sarah Franz

2011 Korin Tangtrakul



GUS Graduate Student receives AAUW Fellowship

Sendy Guerrier, a doctoral candidate in Urban Studies, has been selected to receive an AAUW American Fellowship for the 2013-14 academic year. AAUW (American Association of University Women) provides one of the world’s largest sources of funding for graduate women. Its awards are highly competitive. Sendy is working on a dissertation under the direction of Dr. Melissa Gilbert titled "A Feminist Geographic Analysis of the Impact of Social Networks on the Labor Market Outcomes of Haitian Immigrants Employed in the Long-term Care Industry".  Sendy’s research draws on feminist geographic scholarship on the use of social networks in the labor market matching process to examine the process by which individuals and groups are able to effectively navigate the occupational hierarchy of the long-term care industry. Her work examines the labor matching process within the context of significant demographic shifts occurring at multiple scales, most notably the rapidly aging native born population in need of care and the increasing numbers of Black immigrants entering the local labor market. Her work will contribute to substantive areas related to migration, urban labor markets, and gender studies.

General News



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