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Susan Lucas



Office:340 Gladfelter Hall

Telephone: 215 204 8396





Areas of Expertise:

Gentrification, waterfront redevelopment, use of public space by the homeless and the privatization of public space, and retirement communities.



Ph.D. Wilfrid Laurier University , Geography, 1999.
M.A., Indiana University , Geography, 1994.
B.A., Leicester University , Northampton , England , Geography and Economics, 1989.


Professional Experience:

Assistant Professor, Department of Geosciences, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, 2004-2008.

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Tri-Campus Urban and Community Studies Program, University of Connecticut, 2000-2004.

Adjunct Instructor, Department of Geography, University of New Orleans , 1999.




Dr. Lucas is an urban social geographer who has published and taught courses in the general areas of land use, place-based policy, and spatial expressions of community in the contemporary United States . She is interested in changing land use patterns in cities, such as gentrification and waterfront revitalization. Another primary research interest is the emerging trend in the United States toward developing suburban retirement communities as spaces of old age, looking at how such developments are marketed to prospective residents.


Selected publications:


Lucas. S. and Pitts, T. 2007. Land Use Change and Persistence on a Revitalized Waterfront: the Case of Portland , ME. Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences 30: 67-75.


Lucas, S. and Purkayastha, B. 2007. “Where is Home?” Here and There: Transnational Experiences of Home among Canadian Migrants in the U.S. GeoJournal 68: 243-251.


Pitts, T. and Lucas, S. 2006. Measuring Waterfront Revitalization and Land Use Change in Erie , Pennsylvania . Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences 29: 272-281.


Heidkamp, P. and Lucas, S. 2006. Finding the Gentrification Frontier Using Census Data: The Case of Portland , ME. Urban Geography 27(2): 101-125.


Lucas, S. 2005. As Advertised: The Images as Tools used to Sell Retirement Communities. Geographica Helvetica Special Issue: Housing for the Elderly and Retirement Communities 60(3): 1-9.


Lucas, S. 2004. Spaces of Old Age: The Images Used to Represent and ‘Sell' Retirement Communities. The Professional Geographer 56(4): 449-459.


Lucas, S. 2003. From Levittown to Luther Village : Retirement Communities and the Suburban Dream. Canadian Journal of Urban Research 11(2): 1-16.


lowerdew, R., B. Francis and Lucas, S. 1994. The Standard Spending Assessment as a Measure of Spending Needs in Non-metropolitan Districts. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy 12: 1-13


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