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Sanjoy Chakravorty



Office: 325 Gladfelter hall

Tel: 215 204 1434




Areas of Expertise

India, Distribution, Development, Globalization, Cities




1992 - Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning, University of Southern California.
1983 - B.E in Civil Engineering, Jadavpur University, Calcutta.


What I Do


I work on two broad themes—empirical work on India and theoretical work on distribution and (now) epistemology.  Lately I have focused book-length writings.  The most recent is The Price of Land (2012), which is an analysis of land acquisition and conflicts in the framework of state policies and land markets in India.  Other recent books include Fragments of Inequality (2007), which analyzes structure and change in income distributions, and Made in India (2006), which is a study of the economic geography of Indian industry. 


I have authored or co-authored over fifty journal papers, book chapters, and reports. The papers are scattered through journals in geography, development economics, planning, and urban studies.  I also write occasional pieces for newspapers in India (in English and Bangla).  Some of my research has been funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation, the U.S. National Institute of Justice, the American Institute of Indian Studies, and the World Bank. 


Right now I am working on three projects.  Two are solo projects: an unconventional book on real estate in Calcutta (close to completion); and a book on intellectual history and epistemology, provisionally titled "The Truth About Us: Categories, Counts, and Delusions" (at a beginning stage).  The third is a collaborative book on the distribution and work of Indians in America (it should be finished in spring 2013).  I continue to spend time at and work with colleagues at the Center for the Advanced Study of India at the University of Pennsylvania.


I was department chair for some time (2005-10), a period during which the department got its doctoral program and a new major in environmental studies.  I like to think that the gap between my last two books can be explained by this time spent in administration.


Publications CV


Recent publications




Chakravorty, S. 2012. The Price of Land: Acquisition, Conflict, Consequence. Oxford University Press.  Available here.


Chakravorty, S. and S. Lall. 2007. Made in India : The Economic Geography and Political Economy of Industrialization. Oxford University Press.

Read Chapter One


Chakravorty, S. 2006. Fragments of Inequality: Social, Spatial, and Evolutionary Analyses of Income Distribution. Routledge.

Read Chapter One


G. Rengert, J. Ratcliffe, and S. Chakravorty. 2005. Policing Illegal Drug Markets: Geographic Approaches to Crime Reduction. Criminal Justice Press.

Papers/Chapters (a sample from very recent material)


Chakravorty, S. 2012. Regional Development in India: Paradigms Lost in a Period of Great Change. Eurasian Geography and Economics 53: 21–43.


Chakravorty, S. 2011. A Lot of Scepticism and Some Hope. Economic and Political Weekly 41:29-31.


Chakravorty, S. 2010. Clusters and Regional Development. In The International Studies Encyclopedia Volume 1. R. A. Denemark, ed. Pp. 323-42.




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