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David Bartelt

Emeritus Professor


Office: 318 Gladfelter Hall
Tel: 215 204 1233



Areas of Expertise:

Housing policy, urban community/economic development, urban theory, community indicators  



1978 - Ph.D. in Sociology, Temple University
1969 - M.A. in Sociology, Ohio State University
1965 - B.A. in Sociology and Psychology, Temple University




Dr. Bartelt specializes in issues of housing and community development. He is a co-principal on the Metropolitan Philadelphia Indicators Project (MPIP), with a responsibility for the areas of regional change at the community level, housing, employment, transportation, and the environment. He is a representative of MPIP to the National Neighborhoods Indicator Partnership, headquartered at the Urban Institute.


Dr. Bartelt has published works in housing, redlining, the development of American cities, and in local economic development. He is a co-author of Philadelphia : Neighborhood, Division and Conflict in a Postindustrial City , as well as an extension of that analysis, Restructuring the Philadelphia Region. He will be working during the 2008-2009 academic year on a project describing the spatial etiology of homelessness in Philadelphia , including a spatial analysis of the links between housing and support services provided to individuals and families entering the emergency housing system in the city.


This work extends a major theme in his research career – to use academic research in creating policy change in the city and the region. This has included a report on the community composition and workforce potential of Latino communities in Philadelphia, and tracking the effectiveness of a neighborhood job development initiative funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.


In addition to authoring an article on the role of urban universities as elements in community revitalization, appearing in Metropolitan Universities, he has been Temple 's institutional representative/co-coordinator of the Philadelphia Higher Education Network for Neighborhood Development (PHENND) since 1994, and is a member of the Faculty Senate Community Based Learning Initiative.



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