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About GUS
The Department of Geography and Urban Studies (GUS) at Temple University aims to provide undergraduate and graduate instruction and research related to urban systems, nature and society, international development and spatial analysis with a special emphasis on the geographic analysis of urban dynamics.

GUS aims to provide students with an understanding of: (a) how space, place, and scale shape the interaction between environment and society; (b) critical thinking skills developed through examining a range of analytical approaches to investigate geographic, urban and environmental processes; (c) contemporary explanatory frameworks in Geography and Urban Studies such as: political ecology, feminist and poststructuralist theory, and development theory; (d) core concepts in the fields of Geography and Urban Studies and the application of information technology skills to analyze spatial and temporal information, processes, and patterns through integrative research experiences; and (d) practical considerations of community and environmental organizational settings at the local and regional scales.

The four research themes associated with the department are Social Justice, Globalization, Sustainability, and Geographic Methods. More information about these themes can be found here.

The Department currently offers a B.A. in Geography and Urban Studies, a B.A. in Environmental Studies, an M.A. in Geography and Urban Studies, and a Ph.D in Geography and Urban Studies. GUS currently has over 200 undergraduate Geography & Urban Studies majors, 14 Masters students, 19 doctoral students, and 30 faculty members.

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