About Schuylkill

Schuylkill is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal founded, edited and run by graduate students at Temple University. The journal’s name is a tribute to the Schuylkill River, which runs through the Philadelphia area in which we work and study. But it is also significant for the richness of the metaphor: the river signifies connectivity and the integration of diverse elements and sources. To that end, Schuylkill graduate journal seeks to publish the scholarly essays and book reviews of graduate students in the humanities and humanistic social sciences from around the globe. We are especially interested in work that blurs the boundaries of the disciplines in order to present a rich and nuanced perspective on each issue's special topic.

2012-2013 Staff

Colleen Hammelman

Article Editors
Rachel McKay
Jennifer McKim

Daniel Nutters

Gina Verrastro

Book Review Editors

Dana M. DiLullo Gehling

David Guba

Colleen Hammelman

Review Panel
Lindsay Bartowski
Shana R. Cooperstein
Julia Falcon
Matt Fay
David Hatten
Esther Ho-Tong Castillo

Jennifer Kim

Liv Raddatz

Beth Seltzer

Tim Sparks
Donovan Tam

Faculty Sponsors
Dr. Benjamin Kohl

Special thank you to the Center for Humanities at Temple University for its support of this journal.