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Healthcare Management

Master's Level

Note: Some Healthcare Management courses are located in the department of Risk Management and Insurance

5101. Health Systems Organization and Development   (3 s.h.)

This course describes and analyzes the "physiology and fluid mechanics" of national, regional and local delivery systems, exposing students to the flow of funds and the resulting patterns of use, expenditure and health outcomes in these systems. Basic epidemiological concepts and their application to population-based health management are introduced. Current regional data, live case presentations and guest lecturers will be used where appropriate to translate abstract concepts into vivid concrete realities.

5102. Management of Healthcare Organizations   (3 s.h.)

This course covers organizational and management theory, and the application of these principles to health services organizations. Emphasis is placed on current trends in health care organizational structure that will affect performance, quality and inter-organizational relations in the future, and the values and principles of health management as a profession. Responsibility of health systems for the health of populations as well as the provision of high quality clinical services is emphasized. The course utilizes (1) information from the textbook and current management publications, (2) guest lecturers (3) case analyses (published and live), which provide important insight into the workings of health services organizations, and (4) personal experiences of the instructors and class participants

5103. Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations   (3 s.h.)

Current practices in financial management of health care operations, including the development of operational and capital budgets, business plans, and methods for measuring financial performance, and assessing the impact of alternative contractual arrangements with third party payers. The live cases studies will deal with the issues related to practice acquisition, and the financial insolvency of health plans and delivery systems.

5104. Healthcare Law and Information Technology   (3 s.h.)

This course will deal with a shifting agenda of issues faced by health care managers such as those related to acquisition of capital, assuring regulatory compliance, emerging health markets (e.g. assisted living, focused factories, etc) and health related information technology and e-commerce. The course will include live case studies and group projects related to these topics.

5182. Independent Study   (1-6 s.h.)
Prerequisite: approval of the department.

Directed study of health services management projects under supervision of an appropriate graduate faculty member.


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