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Graphic Art and Design

8001. Visual Design Graduate Seminar   (3 s.h.)

Graduate projects in graphic design authorship.

8083. Graphic Design Graduate Projects   (3 s.h.)

Graduate projects in graphic design authorship.

8095. Visual Design Thesis   (3 s.h.)

Thesis project representing comprehensive original research in an area of specific interest for the degree candidate.

8111. Graduate Seminar in Printmaking   (3 s.h.)

Philosophy and theory of contemporary printmaking practices.

8183. Graduate Projects in Printmaking   (3-6 s.h.)

Individual conferences and group seminars. Emphasis on diversity of command in several printmaking media.

8201. Digital Projects   (3 s.h.)

8211. Graduate Seminar in Photography   (3 s.h.)

A seminar emphasizing individual research and group discussion of contemporary issues in photography.

8253. Graduate Photo Process Workshop   (3 s.h.)

Survey of experimental techniques, including hand applied, light-sensitive emulsions, ortho film making, photographic book arts, and 19th- and 20th-century processes.

8255. Graduate Photo Workshop: Digital Photography   (3 s.h.)

State of the art technology merges with new issues related to digital imaging.

8256. Graduate Advanced Photo Workshop   (3 s.h.)

Photography and new applications.

8283. Graduate Projects, Photography   (3 s.h.)

A seminar in attitudes surrounding contemporary photography. Lecture and laboratory address the development of conceptual and technical issues.

9189.  Design Workshop in Japan   (3 s.h.)


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