Graduate Bulletin

Healthcare Financial Management, M.S.


Admission Requirements and Deadlines
Application Deadline:

Fall: June 1

[March 15 for international applicants]

Spring: September 30

[August 1 for international applicants]

Completed applications are processed throughout the year as they are received. International students who miss the deadline are required to submit to Temple University an evaluation of their transcript by an approved educational evaluation firm.

Letters of Reference:

Number Required: 2

From Whom: Professional references from an immediate supervisor current or past are preferred. Academic references are acceptable.

Coursework Required for Admission Consideration:

This program provides in-depth knowledge of one business discipline and is ideally suited for students with an undergraduate business degree. Students not adequately prepared for the advanced level may be required to take a number of M.B.A. core courses. The department offering the courses in area of specialization will identify the core requirements on a case-by-case basis.

Bachelor's Degree in Discipline/Related Discipline:

Bachelor degree required, not necesarily in business discipline

Statement of Goals:

Two essays are required. See the Fox School of Business and Management website at


Standardized Test Scores:

The GRE/GMAT is required. Quantitative and verbal scores on the GRE should be in the 50th percentile or above. Scores under 500 on the GMAT are not considered for the M.S. program.

Minimum TOEFL score needed to be accepted: 550 paper-based, 213 computer-based, or 79 internet-based.


A resume is required.

Transfer Credit:

Upper-level graduate credits from an accredited graduate business program, but not previously applied to a conferred degree, may be transferred into the M.B.A. program. The credits must be part of the required degree program at Temple University. To be transferred, the grade must be a "B" or better. The Admissions Committee makes recommendations for transferring credits to the department chair. The maximum number of credits a student may transfer is 6.


Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:

Number of Didactic Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 39

Business Core Courses

ACCT 5001 - Financial and Managerial Accounting

FIN 5001 - Financial Analysis and Strategy

STAT 5001 - Quantitative Methods for Business

These courses may be waived by the program advisor based on appropriate past coursework.

Required Courses:

Curriculum: 10 courses / 30 Semester Hours

Choose 5 courses from a pre-approved list of courses in Healthcare Management, Accounting, Risk Management and Finance

Choose five electives from Accounting, Economics, Finance, Healthcare or Risk Management

(nb: the electives selected must be approved by the M.S. Healthcare Finance program director.

Internship: No internship is required.

Language Examination: No language examination is required.

Culminating Events:

This program has no culminating events.

Program Contact Information:

Fox School of Business and Management

1515 Market Street, Suite 401

Philadelphia, PA 19102




215-204-1632 (fax)

Department Information:

Fox School of Business and Management

1515 Market Street, Suite 401

Philadelphia, PA 19102




215-204-1632 (fax)

Department Contacts:


Natale Butto
Director of Graduate Admissions




215-204-1632 (fax)

Program Coordinator:

Barbara Manaka

Graduate Chairperson:

Dr. William AaronsonAssociate Professor

and Director,Center for Healthcare Research and Management

108 Speakman Hall



Robert Bonner
Assistant Dean, MBA & MS Progrmas

About the Program

The Fox School of Business and Management offers MS programs through which students acquire in-depth knowledge of one business discipline. These programs are ideally suited for the business professional who wishes to develop advanced mastery of one business specialization. Our approach to graduate education helps develop practical expertise through case analyses and presentations, interaction with business practitioners, and team projects. The Fox School prepares students to step immediately into key management roles in highly specialized fields. The Fox School is the region's second largest business graduate school with over 1,300 students studying in 35 graduate business areas of concentration.

Time Limit for Degree Completion: 6 years

Campus Location:

Center City, Fort Washington

The business foundation classes are offered at both campuses but not necessarily during the same semester. Upper-level courses are not offered at all campuses. Courses may be also offered online.

Full-Time/Part-Time Status:

Fulltime students are required to complete the degree program through classes offered after 4:30 p.m.

Students are able to complete the degree program on a part-time basis (8 credit hours or less per semester). Part-time students are required to complete the degree program through classes offered after 4:30 p.m.



Department Information:

Fox School of Business and Management

1515 Market Street, Suite 401

Philadelphia, PA 19102




The Fox School of Business and Management is highly ranked. Current ranking information may be viewed at the following webiste:


All Fox School of Business and Management graduate business programs are accredited by AACSB -- The International Association for Management Education.

Areas of Specialization:

To gain mastery, students must complete a minimum of ten advanced level courses (500 level or above) beyond either the prerequisites or foundation curricula.

Job Placement:

Graduates of the Fox School of Business and Management obtain jobs in: Computer/Information Technology; Consulting; Pharmaceutical Industry; Consumer Products/Services; Energy/Utilities; Financial Services/Banking; Government; Healthcare; Industrial Products/Services; Manufacturing; Telecommunications; and Tourism/Transportation.


Research is supported by the Fox School of Business and Management's eBusiness Institute, the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Institute of Global Management Studies, the Institute for Healthcare Management, the Center for eMarketing, the Ethics Resource Center, the Safeguard Scientifics Center for Economic Education, the Institute for Financial Services, and the Small Business Development Center. Research interests of the Fox School faculty are also supported by numerous centers and institutes throughout Temple University.

Interdisciplinary Study:

Interdisciplinary Study:

Courses are available across the broad range of disciplines offered at Fox School.


Study Abroad:

The Fox School of Business provides graduate level courses during the summer at its Rome, Italy campus.


Not applicable.

Non-Degree Student Policy:

Students with an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above may take classes on a non-matriculated status. Non-matriculated students can take a maximum of nine credit hours. Any additional courses require the student to be matriculated in a program.

Financing Opportunities

The Fox School has a limited number of scholarships for students with high academic and test scores. Scholarships are offered at the time of acceptance into the Fox School. The Fox School of Business and Management has a limited number of graduate externships for assignments in academic and administrative departments. Work assignments are generally administrative in nature and may include word and data processing. An externship provides up to 20 hours of service per week. Students are required to submit applications directly to the department in which they wish to be appointed.

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