Graduate School

Prospective Students – International Application

International graduate students are a vital part of the Temple University intellectual and cultural community. Thousands of students from over 100 countries have chosen to receive their education at Temple University. Are you an international student considering studying for your master's or doctoral degree at Temple University? This is what you need to know to apply:

Before You Apply

Review the information below to ensure that you meet the minimum level of study required for graduate admissions consideration at Temple University:

    • African countries (other than British- or French-patterned): University degree requiring 4 years of study.
    • Asian countries not specifically identified: University degree requiring 4 years of study. See the yellow box below for information specific to applicants from China.
    • British-patterned education: Bachelor’s degree with honours.
    • Canada: From Quebec, 3-year bachelor’s degree; from other provinces, 4-year bachelor’s degree.
    • Central and South America: University degree requiring 4 years of study.
    • European countries not specifically identified: If the institution adheres to the Bologna Declaration and participates in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), University degree requiring 3 years of study; if not a participating institution, University degree requiring 4 years of study.
    • French-patterned education: Maîtrise from university or completion of diplôme d’ingénieur from grandes écoles.
    • Germany: University diplom preferred, or at least 1 year of full-time higher study beyond vordiplom.
    • India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh: Bachelor’s degree in agriculture, engineering, forestry, medicine, pharmacy, or technology. Note: A 3-year bachelor’s degree in arts, business administration, commerce, education, or science is not considered sufficient for graduate study at Temple University. In conjunction with the 3-year degree, the student must have earned either a post-graduate diploma or a master’s degree in a related discipline to demonstrate equivalency with a U.S. bachelor’s degree. See the white box below for information specific to applicants from India.
    • Middle East: University degree requiring 4 years of study.
    • Newly independent states: University diploma with years of study depending on the new nation; contact the Graduate School for clarification on documentation required from the institution.
    • Philippines: A 4- or 5-year bachelor’s degree.
    • All others: Bachelor’s degree or bachelor’s degree comparability, as determined by Temple University, awarded by a post-secondary institution recognized by the country’s own Ministry of Education.

Find your degree program of interest in the Graduate Bulletin and familiarize yourself with its application deadline and admissions requirements. Deadlines vary by program, and your application must be complete by the program's stated deadline. Apply as early as possible – preferably 90 days prior to the stated program deadline and by December 15 if you are interested in being nominated for a fellowship. Applying early ensures sufficient time for non-U.S. academic credentials to be reviewed for U.S. equivalency.

Begin gathering the documentation needed in support of your application:

  • Write a statement of goals.
  • Request one certified copy of official transcripts from every college and university you attended, even if only one course was taken. International degrees must be assessed for equivalency with a U.S. degree based on the characteristics of the national educational system, the type of institution attended, and the level of studies completed. A minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is ordinarily required for admissions consideration. Note that some – but not all – graduate programs accept unofficial transcripts for review; however, if official documents are not submitted during the application process, you will be required to present official academic records by the end of your first term of graduate study if admitted and enrolled at Temple University. See the gray box at the bottom of this page for information regarding official educational documentation.
  • If you have not earned a bachelor's or graduate (master's or doctoral) degree from a U.S. institution, take a test of academic English. These scores are required if you were not born on American soil and were educated at an institution outside the United States or if you are a U.S. citizen who earned a degree abroad from an institution where the language of instruction was other than English. No photocopies of score reports for a test of academic English will be accepted from applicants. Scores for the TOEFL®, IELTS™, and PTE Academic™ must be reported by the testing service to Temple University within two years of the applicant's test date. The minimum acceptable scores are:




                    SCORE REPORTING

    TOEFL® Internet-based (iBT)          79 Electronic report from Educational Testing Service to institution code 2906
    Paper-based (PBT)         550
    IELTS™ Academic          6.5 Official score report sent by the International English Language Testing System to the Graduate School at Temple University, not the department of application
    General Training Not accepted
    PTE Academic™             53 Pearson's score report website accessed by the Graduate School online, provided you identify Temple University as a recipient of your scores
  • If required by your degree program of choice, take a standardized test of scholastic aptitude, such as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE®) (General and/or Subject), the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT®), or the Miller Analogies Test (MAT™). No photocopies of score reports for any standardized test will be accepted from applicants. Scores must be reported by the testing service within five years of your test date in this manner:
  • Request letters of recommendation from faculty and/or employers who can write about your ability to succeed in graduate study. Your recommendations may be submitted on our Reference Report for Graduate Study or as a traditional letter of recommendation.
  • If required by your program of application, prepare a portfolio that demonstrates your creative potential and ability in the fine arts, film and media arts, or other discipline.


When You Apply

Choose one of two methods to apply:

    • Log on to our online application and begin. The web-based application is designed in modules so you need not complete the application in one sitting. You decide when you are finished and then submit the application by paying the non-refundable $60 application fee online using either a credit card or a bank account drawn on U.S. funds.

For a Fox School of Business and Management program, apply at

    • Download the PDF application and save to your desktop or portable drive. (Adobe® Acrobat® is required to access this information.) You can write on the form, save the final version, and then print for mailing. If you have questions while completing the paper form, you can refer to the application instructions for help. Before mailing, enclose a check or money order drawn on a U.S. bank that is made payable to Temple University in the amount of $75. Do not send cash, and do not remit fees in excess of the required amount as additional monies cannot be credited toward future charges. Please note that the application fee is non-refundable.

Use the exact same name on your application that you used when registering for your standardized tests. Slight differences in the name used can cause your application to go unmatched with your reported test scores. This results in a delay in the processing of your application.

Submit to the appropriate program, department, or school/college the documentation you have been gathering in support of your application. You can find the correct mailing address or alternate submission information, such as electronic upload via Interfolio or SlideRoom, on the degree program's "Contacts" page in the Graduate Bulletin. All application materials, with the exception of portfolios and exhibits, become the property of Temple University and will not be copied, returned, or forwarded to another institution.


After You Apply

Contact the department of application directly with any questions. Admissions decisions are made by the department based on your complete application profile, which includes grades, test scores, recommendations, statement of goals, research interests, past employment, portfolio, and more.

Remember that your application is reviewed only after it is complete. You can check the status of your application and receipt of materials by returning to the online application and/or logging in to TUportal. You can expect to receive an email within 36 hours of submitting your application online inviting you to create a TUportal account.

Prepare to upload your completed Certificate of Eligibility (I-20 or DS-2019) to your TUportal account, as required by the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) at Temple University. Please note that a US $50 non-refundable international student orientation fee will be charged to your account upon registration at Temple University.

Be advised that you may submit applications to more than one program, but you may not pursue two degrees simultaneously. The only exception is if you are admitted to University-approved dual degree programs. An application, complete with all supporting documents and payment of the application fee, is required for each degree program to which you apply.


Important Notice for Applicants Educated in CHINA

Documents certified by the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC) or the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC) are required for a full credential evaluation. Only English translations of the ministry-certified documents are needed from the CDGDC or CHESICC; the Chinese version is not required.

Photocopies of transcripts, degree certificates, and diploma certificates are not considered official and are not acceptable substitutes for official documentation.



Important Notice for Applicants Educated in INDIA

All documents must be attested to/verified by the Controller of Examinations or Registrar at the parent university and then sent sealed by the examining authority directly to the Temple University department or program to which you are applying. The envelope must bear the institution's seal or stamp and/or an appropriate signature across the sealed flap.


You may make photocopies and have the copies attested to by the Controller of Examinations or Registrar at the parent university. The Controller or Registrar should then place the verified mark sheets in an envelope, seal the envelope, and sign it across the flap before returning it to you to forward to the Temple University department or program to which you are applying. If the seal is broken when the envelope reaches Temple University, the mark sheets will not be accepted. Attestations from persons outside the offices of the Controller of Examinations or Registrar, such as individual professors or external notary publics, will not be accepted.

Without exception, mark sheets, degree certificates, or provisional certificates from the affiliate college or faculty will not be accepted.


Important Notice Regarding Official Academic Records

International applicants who have completed a post-secondary program must submit official educational documents. Choose from one of these three ways:

    • Submit an official copy of the degree, diploma, or certificate awarded whereby the academic institution validates completion and conferral.
    • Request that official post-secondary academic records be forwarded to the Temple University department or program to which application is being made.
    • Enlist the services of a credential evaluation organization approved by Temple University, as identified on the NACES® website. Request that the evaluation be sent directly to the department/program of application at Temple University. Also send the department/program an unofficial copy of the academic records on which the outside evaluation is based.

Applicants who attended institutions that do not issue complete academic records in English must submit official copies of native language records and literal translations prepared by an appropriate university or government official. Temple University reserves the right to verify the authenticity of academic records, test scores, and letters of reference. Please note that unsealed post-secondary academic records in the student’s possession are not official and are not acceptable for admissions purposes.

If you are uncertain what academic records must be submitted to apply for graduate study, visit the World Education Services website and locate your home country. Temple University's requirements are the same as those specified by WES, making the WES website your resource for ensuring that you submit the proper documentation to Temple University. A WES evaluation is not required.