Graduate School

Prospective Students

Fall 2017 Recruiting Schedule (subject to change):

Date Event Location
9.19.17 Idealist NYC Graduate and Professional School Fair New York, NY

MKN McNair Heartland Research Conference

Kansas City, MO
9.23.17 Recruit in Canada Study and Go Abroad Fair Calgary, Alberta, Canada
9.24.17 Recruit in Canada Study and Go Abroad Fair Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
9.28.17 Recruit in Canada Study and Go Abroad Fair Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
9.30.17 Recruit in Canada Study and Go Abroad Fair Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
10.1.17 Recruit in Canada Study and Go Abroad Fair Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2017 Pennsylvania Conference for Women

Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA

The University of Texas at Austin’s Graduate School Fair

Austin, TX

Rutgers University-Camden Graduate School Fair

Camden, NJ

2017 UIC Chicago Graduate and Professional School Fair

Chicago, IL

Temple University Graduate and Professional School Fair

Philadelphia, PA
11.4.17 The California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education Recruiter Fair at CSU Channel Islands Camarillo, CA
11.11.17 Midwest Graduate and Professional School Summit at Purdue University West Lafayette, IN



Important Note

The Graduate School at Temple University is an administrative office only:

  • For information on a specific degree program and/or to inquire further about a program, please review its entry in the Graduate Bulletin.

  • To inquire about the status of an application, please contact the department to which the application was submitted.


Options: Apply vs. Non-Matriculate

Are you a prospective graduate student who wants to begin coursework before applying? Or do you want to take a graduate course or two as a non-matriculated student as credits toward a degree elsewhere? Answers to some questions may be found in the guide to Continuing Education Graduate Online Orientation.

Non-matriculated students are those who take courses but are not officially working toward a degree at Temple University. Matriculated students are those who apply to a program, take courses, and work to earn a degree.

Non-matriculated students enjoy unique opportunities at Temple University. Some students may “try out” a few courses, meet professors, and evaluate prospective programs. Other students may choose to enrich their personal lives or achieve professional goals by taking courses with no intent to apply to a specific graduate degree program.

Non-matriculated graduate students may take up to nine graduate credits. At that point, the student must decide whether to:

Please note that any credits in excess of nine, whether taken as part of a certificate program or simply for personal or professional enrichment, may not later be applied to a degree program, should the student eventually decide to formally apply to a degree program.

Non-matriculated students who intend to apply to a degree program should ensure the program in which they are interested accepts non-matriculated credits. Students are strongly encouraged to seek academic advising from the graduate faculty or professional advisors within the program. In any case, the maximum number of credits that may be applied to a degree program is nine. To take coursework in a specific discipline, the non-matriculated student must contact that department for an initial credential review and to be registered for the class(es) of interest.

Non-matriculated students who plan to take courses in multiple departments should contact the Office of Continuing Studies in the Academic Resource Office on Main Campus. The office provides advising services and registration assistance to non-matriculated students.