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Family Reunion Institute Products
The Institute has several brochures and products. They include:

Organizing A Family Reunion

This information is included on the last section of  this Website, but you may send for copies. They are  free.

African American Family Reunions and Philanthropy
This brochure suggests activities for families to celebrate, nurture, and pass on the African American experience of philanthropy- i.e. giving money, talents, time and goods. The brochure was published with the help of a W.K. Kellogg grant and is free. Please send a self-addressed envelope.
Families want to "give back" and often do so but only as a one-time event. While directed to African American families, this information can be of benefit to all families. Based upon the knowledge that many families are already involved in "helping their own", we encourage further participation on a systematic and sustained basis to help others.

Bylaws for a Family Organization
Georgia Burnette wrote this manual after the Burnette family agreed to become a formal association. She compiled the by-laws for her family from a variety of disparate sources. Presented at an African American Family Reunion Conference, we thought it was so helpful to other families, that we received her permission to sell it through the Institute. 
         The price is $10.00

A Stitch in Time: The Making of a Family Heirloom Quilt
This manual has great detail about the process of involving the family in making a family quilt, as well as possible by-products, such as stationery, to be made from it. Written by the late Opalene Mitchell, who gave the Institute permission to replicate it, her family's quilts and by-products swelled the Flo-Line Family scholarship fund. Opalene's sessions at the African American Family Reunion Conference were a highlight. The price. is $14.95

Your Family Reunion Letters
This kit contains a variety of sample letters that help to generate information and maintain interest about the reunion. Designed for beginning as well as advanced reunion committees, the letter kit includes a sample survey, and a registration letter and form. Alternatives to letters are briefly described and a few resource books are listed.  The price is $10.00

Ten Steps to a Family Directory
This manual was also generated from a presentation at the African American Family Reunion Conference. Written by Sylvia Ford-George of the Harper Family Reunion, the manual includes every detail and innovation on how to develop a family directory.  The price is $8.00

Building on the Foundation 

This document has suggestions for  going beyond the basics in family reunion planning.  It details all of the responsibilities of  nine committees. It includes an example of a  4 day program planner, an example of a teleconference agenda,  examples of  online surveys (which can also be used offline), detailed list of expenses and a list of possible fundraisers. It also shows how to project your cash flow and includes an example of  a fund-raiser car wash.  This manual was developed by Wrise Booker, and Vallery Kountze. It 's not the same as seeing this dynamic duo in action at the conference but it does have needed information for making your reunion a success.  The price is $6.00

To Order Products

Please e-mail  and indicate which items you want, prior to sending a check. She will return your message and discuss availability.

To order products, please make  check payable to Temple University and send to: The Family Reunion Institute,   School of Social Administration,  1301 Cecil B. Moore Ave.  Philadelphia, PA. 19122

  The Family Reunion Institute


> The Family Reunion Institute Home

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