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Testing for Exemption from Foreign Language Requirement in Russian and Other Slavic Languages

Transfer students with Russian language experience (whether with formal classroom instruction at another university or with family background in Russian) should speak with the advisor for Russian about their placement in the Temple Russian curriculum.

Temple students who want to be tested in Russian in order to be exempted from the foreign language requirement, should also speak with the advisor for Russian.  Students with a Russian-language home background are tested in listening, speaking, writing and reading.  Students who cannot read well enough to read a newspaper should plan to take Heritage Russian I / Ru 3003 (offered fall semester only) to develop literacy skills in Russian.  Successful completion of this course fulfills the foreign language requirement at the third level of instruction. 

Temple students who want to be tested in a Slavic language other than Russian should contact the Russian advisor who will make arrangements for a test either on campus (for Polish and Ukrainian) or by telephone (for other Slavic languages)

Students taking the Exemption Test or Placement Test should download the following Assessment Form and bring the completed copy to their meeting with the advisor.


2014 Placement Exams


The Placement Examinations in Russian, Ukrainian and Polish will take place on August 22, 2014 from 11am-1pm.

Please contact Olia Prokopenko at to schedule an appointment.

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