Work Requests

The Office of Facilities Management accepts online work requests via TUMarketplace which are not of an emergency nature. The requesting department must include the following information on the work request:

Department Name of department requesting work
FOAPAL Center to charge
Phone Number Phone number of contact person
Contact Person Person who knows the scope of the job
Auth Signature Authorized signature for the account to be charged 
Date Date the work request is written
Location Location of the job, including building and room
Description of Work Detailed description of work required

When a work request is received by the Office of Facilities Management, the authorized signature is verified. If the person who signed the request is not authorized, or not authorized at an appropriate expenditure level, the work request is returned to the requisitioning department for proper approval. A verified work request is entered into the work scheduling system and priority is assigned. Open work requests are reviewed weekly by the scheduler with the craft(s) involved. Work is scheduled according to priority and date received.Facilities Management is available to answer questions about jobs before or after work request submission. Contact one of the following Work Control Centers if you have questions: Main Campus and Ambler james.breslin@temple.edu or Health Sciences Center alisha.lee@temple.edu
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