The Recycling Office

How are Recyclable Materials Managed at Temple?


Virtually all paper is collected for recycling (e.g. office paper, newspaper, magazines, books, file folders, etc.) with the exception of tissue paper, food soiled paper, and carbon paper.

Small White Paper Recycling Collection Containers labeled "Paper Only" are provided in office areas at each desk. To request a container contact the Recycling Office at 1-7396 or by email- recycling.containerrequest@temple.edu.

Containers are serviced on TUESDAY and THURSDAY. (If your office is inaccessible on the scheduled collection days, please place your recycling container in the hallway for overnight collection.)

Large White Recycling Collection Containers labeled "Mixed Paper" are provided in common areas for overflow paper recycling.

For bulk paper collection, contact the Recycling Office at 1-7396 or email at recycling.containerrequest@temple.edu to arrange delivery of a hamper.


All cardboard boxes MUST be flattened and stored in an accessible location (e.g., next to paper recycling container) for removal on the scheduled collection day.

Where temporary storage is impractical, please contact the Recycling Office to arrange removal.


All plastic, glass, aluminum and steel beverage and food containers such as soda, juice, water and milk containers are collected for recycling. Please, no wide mouth containers such as plastic cups, clamshell containers, and yogurt cups.

  • Buildings - Large Blue Recycling Collection Containers labeled "Bottles and Cans" are readily accessible inside buildings. Empty contents - rinse when possible - before depositing.
  • Outdoors - Large Red Recycling Collection Containers labeled "Bottles and Cans" are strategically placed in highly trafficked outdoor areas.

Printer and Toner Cartridges – Return to the manufacturer in the original packaging. Simply apply the prepaid return label to the box or envelope and follow return instructions. For larger quantities, contact the Recycling Office at 1-7396 for pickup.

Surplus Computers - Contact the Computer Recycling Center at 1-4749 or online at www.crc.temple.edu/home.htm for information on services and cost.

A Plastic Bag Recycling Container is located at the entrance to the Temple University Bookstore in the lower level of the Student Center. Please remember to reuse plastic bags for other purposes before recycling. When planning shopping trips, remember to bring reusable cloth and/or recycled content plastic bags.

How are Food Waste and Office Waste Disposed of?

Deposit food waste - including soiled paper, packaging, clamshell containers, Styrofoam cups, etc - in Tall Gray Containers labeled "FOOD WASTE ONY" located throughout the University. Facilities Management services Food Waste containers daily.

Following the above procedures, very little office waste will remain.

Dispose of wrappers, packaging, tissues, etc. in the desk side wastebasket.

Please, no food waste!!! Placing food waste in the desk side wastebasket aborts the system, and can potentially cause odors, and attract vectors!!

Desk side office waste is collected on Friday Only. (If your office is inaccessible on Friday, please place both your desk side wastebasket and recycling container in the hallway on Thursday for overnight collection.)

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